Hekler and Glenwood! have teamed up in the final month of 2022 for a heavy-hitting hybrid dubstep track, “TILL I DIE” feat. KANIN. Glenwood! is a talented beatmaker, while Hekler is a bass music maniac that should be more well-known to most headbangers out there. To complete this trio, KANIN brings his LA-based rap skills to the massive new collab via Bassrush Records.

Las-Vegas native, Hekler is really bringing his multi-genre talent to another level with this new tune. Massive basslines and thick kicks punctuate the confidence in the lyrics which tell a story of aspiring to be great till the end. The tune becomes magnified by the throbbing bottom end and a wealth of womps. This hybrid dubstep banger takes influence from many different genres. The track plays between heavy wobbles and pitch-shifted vocals and is a stellar addition to each artist’s discography.

Here’s what Hekler had to say about “TILL I DIE”:

“Initially, this record didn’t have a vocal on it but the moment I sent it to them, the ideas started flowing. ‘TILL I DIE,’ for me, represents that being a musician is everything and it’s what I’ll be doing till my last breath.” – Hekler

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