The masterminds behind the duo EAZYBAKED are an act everyone knows and loves. From their countless releases with Lost Dogz, WAKAAN, and so many more, these two have really brought something fresh and special to their respective corner of dance music. Not only that, but the energy they bring to their sets is insanely addictive and makes watching them thrive that much better. Earlier this year, they released their album Intertwinedwhich featured some of their most expertly sculpted sounds thus far.

This duo is easily a favorite of so many and with each and every release it’s quite clear why. Not only do they make amazing music, but EAZYBAKED has an incredible group of talented friends, riding that well-deserved wave of success right alongside them. Their love and passion for unique, envelope-pushing frequencies ring loud and clear with every single thing they do. So what better way to celebrate that love than getting some of their best buds together to remix Intertwined?

Each artist who came together to put their own twists on these beloved EAZYBAKED tracks is some of the most unique tastemakers in the bass world right now. Doing crazy and dynamic things with each and every element they weave into their production styles. Artists like kLL sMTH, sfam, Black Carl!, Milano, Digital Ethos, Molokai, G-Space & Computa, and FLY came in hot and heavy with their own twists on those sweet, EAZYBAKED sounds. These friends are all really ending 2022 on a proper note.

The versatility of these remixes brings the biggest smile to my face, from Vide’s dank, dirty, and bass-heavy “Sapped” remix to tiedye ky and his sweet, infectious vocals on “Letting Go.”  It’s truly hard to pick a favorite remix from this album, each and every one has its own element that makes it shine and stand out in its own respect. All the artists did an incredible job putting their own flare on the EAZYBAKED tracks we know and love. We can’t wait to hear these remixes played out on a proper system at festivals next year!

Stream the remix album now on your preferred music platform, and let us know which of the remixes you’re really feeling in the comments!

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