The EAZYBAKED boys have been known to push boundaries for the past seven years. They’ve released on Wakaan, Cyclops Recordings, and Dome of Doom. The duo, consisting of Eric Ray and Andrew Principle, have consistently shown that their presence is invaluable to a wide range of bass fans around the world. Originally a part of the Lost Dogz crew, their talents have led them to some of the biggest stages recently, including Okeechobee and EDC Orlando. Today, after multiple self-releases, EAZYBAKED release their highly-anticipated album, “Intertwined”, which is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Intertwined isn’t your normal experimental release from EAZYBAKED. What they have crafted here is a ten-track compilation of tunes that range all across the spectrum. Not only are you hearing their signature style EAZYBAKED introduces their version of emotional bass music that shines all the way through. From the first track onwards, they take you into their alternate, yet beautiful universe. It’s one that allows your mind to flow freely.

The album also features two incredible collabs from some of our favorite bass demons. The duo paired with both Of The Trees and VCTRE to showcase some sounds of epic proportions.

“Sapped”, their collab with Of The Trees, is an intricate downtempo journey, taking you on a long mental walk through the woods.

“The East”, their collab with booming up and comer VCTRE, opts for a deeper approach that blends the sounds both artists have become well known for perfectly. If you are a fan of any of these three artists, we are certain you’ll be adding these to your playlists after just one listen.

Here’s what EAZYBAKD had to say about the release of their brand new album:

“With so much time alone and so much changing around us every single day, it was a perfect time for us to take a step back and think about what our trajectory should be. It was just writing music that felt good and gave us an escape.” -EAZYBAKED

EAZYBAKED have truly evolved their sound with Intertwined. The emotional pull and exquisite sound design showcase how special bass music truly can be. You can stream the full album now below, big congrats to the duo on this massive accomplishment!

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