Natalie Wood aka wood.wurks is an all-around badass in the studio, crafting a sound that stays true to her in every single way. Over the course of her career rising, she’s built something special and has done nothing but spread love and passion everywhere she goes. It’s been the highest of pleasures watching this queen build an arsenal of releases and land slots at festivals like Yonderville. As well as working with all the badass queens over at DEF. wood.wurks is an exceptional human and her love for sound and creation rings true in every single way she moves.

wood.wurks has always had such a knack and beautiful take on production, and now she’s truly found her sound in her latest EP COPPICE. Watching Natalie become the artist she is now, seeing her truly step into her power, is an incredible thing. COPPICE is an elegant reflection of growth, as well as the journey of the wood.wurks project and everything it stands for. It’s an alluring collection of frequencies that’s sure to leave listeners’ jaws on the ground and only craving more. I feel honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to cover this project of hers.

 An area of woodland in which the trees or shrubs are, or formerly were, periodically cut back to ground level to stimulate growth and provide firewood or timber.

This EP is my cut back to ground level and growth through the several hours I spent on this project. I’ve settled, rebuilt, grew, healed, and found my muse. this project is very meaningful to me and was curated very carefully to match my feelings i need to release off my chest. – wood.wurks

The four-track EP kicks off with “Scorpio Moon”  highlighting the energetic abilities wood.wurks has of creating syncopated, bass-driven melodies. It’s a dark and emotive track, yet also feels like letting go of emotions that no longer serve oneself. There’s a multitude of elements on display for our listening pleasure and each one proves more and more of the tastemaker she is.

Next, we are taken on a blast from the past with “(She’s) In My Mind,” a very special remix of Dynoro and Gigi D’Agostino’s classic “In My Mind.” Listening to Natalie’s remix felt like being introduced to electronic music all over again, the deep basslines and vibrations hit my soul just right. I couldn’t help but sing along and smile.

“Rebuilding Roots”  is the perfect title for this next track, as wood.wurks has been rebuilding herself and finding that sound that truly speaks to who she is as an artist. It perfectly reflects her growth and the dedication she has to her craft, as well as the new frequencies she’s discovered within her big, beautiful brain. The lighthearted vocals intertwine seamlessly with the perfectly placed fuzzy vibrations.

Wrapping things up is my personal favorite track, “Woodlands,” a track that is meant to be played out on a massive stack of speakers. It felt like she transported me to a late-night set at a festival, somewhere deep within the trees, nothing but the sounds of her music being rinsed out over a proper sound system. It’s packed with deep, low-end bass and sounds that’ll tickle you in all the right places.

I honestly couldn’t be more proud of Natalie and everything she’s done with the wood.wurks project, she’s already made a humbling name for herself and these new sounds are only going to push her even further. Be sure to stream COPPICE now and give her a follow if you haven’t yet already!

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