Luci, the extraterrestrial singer, songwriter, producer, and performer is back! The bass music maven, known for huge hits alongside names like Dion Timmer, Sam Lamar, and Champagne Drip, is pivoting towards the pop genre and is going to be releasing loads of vocal-driven emotional anthems. For her first of the year, she is bringing fans the melancholy single, “Narcissist.”

On the new single, out now through Create Music records, Lucii outlines her pains and uses the song as an outlet for her past struggles. We love seeing this vulnerability on full display and hope more artists can step up and bring that hurt to the spotlight within their work. “Narcissist” once again highlights the artists’ soothing, melancholy vocals, which effectively hypnotize the listener. This track is a must-add to any fans’ break-up playlists and is another testament to her songwriting abilities.

“I guess that’s why they call it gaslighting, got me questioning my own reality, I see what you’re doing, got me thinking I deserve this.” she sings on the new track. It’s clearly an emotional record that draws from her own experiences, giving the listener a glimpse into that unhealthy relationship.

Here’s what Luci had to say about her newest work, out now:

“I wrote this song after a therapy session I had with my therapist Andrea – who I quote in the song. She told me the person I was describing to her sounded like a narcissist, and I never had heard that word used to describe someone before. I wanted to listen to a song about it and I found some amazing ones – just none that sounded angry. Every song was very sad so I decided to make one that was a little angstier.  In my eyes, narcissists are very much manipulators, but at the same time they can really make you fall in love with them!”  -Luci

Luci is also an outspoken activist when it comes to supporting the LGBTQ community. She believes there should definitely be more queer talent in a space founded by them and said to be a ‘safe space’ for those groups. “I’m very into making this world a better place – and I will use my voice to do that. Women’s rights and LGBTQ rights are constantly under attack and I’m very vocal about ways to help.” – Luci

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