Known for bringing emotive, bass-filled tracks is the one and only Mersiv, creator and label head for MorFLo Records. Not only does he consistently work hard on his own music, cranking out dozens of tracks a year, but he gives fellow artists a platform to showcase theirs.

After releasing his debut album in 2021, Mersiv has been putting out tons of collaborations with artists like Smoakland, SuperAve., and Kyral x Banko. While they’ve all been great tracks, fans have eagerly been awaiting a solo release from the producer they love. Today is that day, Mersiv is back with his latest release and the first one of 2023, “Rainbow Road.

“Rainbow Road” is a candescent and beautifully put-together piece of music. While Mersiv is typically known for his more high-energy tracks, he does have ones that wrap you up in a sea of emotions, usually paired with his deeper bass lines. This one though is certainly different than his usual releases. Less heavy, but in a such wonderful way. The sweet rhythms and melodies feel like the sun peaking through the clouds, putting a smile on your face as the warmth kisses your face.

The beat stays consistent throughout “Rainbow Road,” until the last half when Mersiv comes in with something a little different, intertwining with the first half of the track. This is a great way to start off 2023 for Mersiv fans and is sure to only have his widely growing fanbase craving more and wondering what’s to come for the rest of the year. The track is not yet available on SoundCloud, but you can stream it on a handful of other platforms, as well as listen to it below!

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Featured image Photographer: Trey Sarmento

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