Brace yourself as Ganja White Night links up with NIGHTMODE Records to ingeniously integrate their signature dubstep flair in a heavyweight rendition of PEEKABOO’s heartfelt 2022 single, “When I’m Gone.”

The Belgian bass duo does a phenomenal job of upping the ante in “When I’m Gone (Ganja White Night Remix) while preserving the sanctity of XAELO‘s enchanting vocals and delicate melodies found in the original. 

The two producers have joined forces fresh off the success of their recent 2023 releases. PEEKABOO opened this year with a feature on Skrillex‘s renowned Quest For Fire LP, garnering an impressive collaboration titled “Hydrate” with Skrillex, Flowdan, and BEAM. Likewise, Ganja White Night started the year with their burly “Womp Portal” collab alongside Subtronics, proving that they are going into 2023 full throttle.

“When I’m Gone (Ganja White Night Remix)” breathes new life into a pre-existing masterpiece, presenting a fresh spin that accentuates all of the elements that fans fell in love with in the first place. PEEKABOO initially released “When I’m Gone” in August 2022, giving ample time for the anthem to grow into a consecrated fan favorite. Nearly seven months later, the Ganja White Night remix allows the track to showcase its adaptability and recategorizes the tune under an entirely different genre.

A dramatic opening detailed by symphony-grade synths gives the track a grandiose vibe. Ganja White Night layers on drums to support the bridge and twinkling FX to detail the build-up before abruptly shifting into a vortex of gritty bass. Vocal chops and abstract bass control take the reigns and promise to get heads knocking with filthy twists and turns. With just one listen-through, “When I’m Gone (Ganja White Night Remix)” is already gearing up to be one of our favorite remixes of the year!

What did you think of Ganja White Night’s epic remix of PEEKABOO’s “When I’m Gone”? Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments!

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