Unlikely collaborations are my favorite. Deadcrow and Onhell combine forces and blend their signature sounds on their new track, “Blackout Dub.” Out now on Jadu Dala, this tune is a deconstructed dubstep smasher, employing a wide array of bass synths and eclectic rhythm.

The minimalist production on this track allows for the sound design to shine. Deadcrow and Onhell are revered for their sound design and songwriting, making for a collaboration fit for sound systems worldwide. They finished the track almost three years ago and found a perfect home for it in Jadu Dala.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile artist than Deadcrow. Ranging from trap to wave to dubstep to halftime and everything in between, Deadcrow is unlike any of his contemporaries. Putting out a collab with Skeler one week and with Onhell the next shows the extreme versatility of this up-and-coming producer. His set at Sound Haven last year sticks with me for its incredible versatility and unapologetic nature at an experimental bass-dominant festival. 

Onhell carved a magnificent niche for himself over the years. He’s one of the premier American 140 producers while also dabbling in hip-hop, halftime, grime, trap, and anomalous sexy bass music. He previously released on labels like Deep, Dark, and Dangerous, Duploc Blxck Txpes, Twenty Twenty, and Saturate, among many self-releases. In addition, his homemade salsa became a cult favorite, which he occasionally puts up for sale alongside other merchandise. Onhell is unlike any other artist today and we are truly blessed to be alive at the same time as this fantastic producer. 

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