VARIEN claims a lot of inspiration from heavier genres such as industrial and grindcore, you can clearly hear those influences in her new tune “Trauma Queen”. Early on she was in multiple metal bands and even joined her high school jazz band. This one provides a brief glimpse into both by using more abstract rhythms complimented by heavier sound design.

The track starts off with an unsettling pulse embedded in ambient vocals, effectively setting the mood before taking us on a ride. The brutal drop comes in almost unannounced, with a very brief build. The drop is packed with sounds that are completely unique to VARIEN; metallic clangs, interplay with juicy neuro basses, and intense riddim chops. Varien certainly didn’t hold back.

Every single one of VARIEN’s tracks stands out as something distinctly hers. Give this one a listen and check out the rest of her exciting catalog on streaming platforms. We can only hope we get to hear her music on the mainstage any day now.

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