Sharlitz Web has a unique way of sharing her experiences, passions, and vulnerability through sound and creation, always tapping into different emotions. Each of these traits has made her an artist you need to absolutely have on your radar, not only because of her raw talent, but her ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level.

Last December, she broke down some walls and shared with fans Spider Lily, an EP representing loss and everything that comes with it. Sharing something so personal takes great strength and also lets others know that aren’t alone. Sharlitz Web has a beautiful way of capturing the ebbs and flows of life and putting that into her craft, which we hear once more on her latest EP and WAKAAN release, Plexured Minds. This is what she had to say about the project:

This EP, for me, is about mental health and being open to the spiritual lessons that life throws at you. Plexured Minds is the dark playground of my own mind. It interweaves endless amounts of realities as ‘Plexure’ means, ‘The act or process of weaving together, or interweaving.’ As I stepped deeper into this dark playground I started to feel this shadow entity of sorts breaking down my mental web as the negative feelings overtook me. This was new and unfamiliar to me but like a spider, if something ruins their web, they work on it to make it better. I sat with this shadow self and slowly started to see the light in what was going on. I had to bring some of the unwanted parts to the surface and integrate it into myself. I started interweaving my thoughts and shedding old skins of mine off like a spider would when they molt. The freedom that I felt from outgrowing this negativity and ‘re-webbing’ the inner-workings of my mind in order for me to continue existing has been very powerful. I’m eternally grateful for this experience and the ability to share it with the world – sharlitz web

This EP is yet again another set of chapters of her life that are being shared with listeners, connecting again on a deeper level. Each of the four tracks on the EP seemed to interconnect, starting off with one emotion and having those change as you journey through the different frequencies and tracks themselves.

Of course, music is subjective, and we all hear and take things in differently, but knowing the story of Plexured Minds will give fans a chance to see it from a different view. We had a wonderful opportunity to chat with Sharlitz Web about the EP and an array of different topics, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed chatting with her! Enjoy the interview below:

HIHF: Hi! Thank you so much for being down to do this interview. I’m really digging this new EP and the emotions and story behind it. Mental health is something that sometimes people struggle to talk about, so thank you for being vulnerable and using that to fuel your drive behind creating this. What is something you’d like to share with your fellow creatives to know they aren’t alone, and maybe some words of advice to help lift those who need it?

Sharlitz Web: When you feel like your thoughts are over-taking you, I just want people to know that they are not their thoughts and to not listen to the dark ones that are trying to send them into a spiral. Your words can turn into spells, so if you’re being hard on yourself, you’re going to feel it. It can feel like a tsunami, and then you feel like you’re drowning. If you feel yourself slipping or having more hard days than good ones, I just want you to know you aren’t alone. I felt very alone at times and isolated myself, which just made things worse. If any of you are feeling down, just try and find three things you’re grateful for, step outside into nature, put on your favorite song or listen to the sounds of the wind and trees. Focus on the grass you’re sitting on or the birds chirping. Make yourself so present that your thoughts become irrelevant. My last thing is mediation.  Meditation has calmed me down in so many instances from some really bad anxiety attacks, down to my bad TMJ flare-ups. I recommend trying guided meditations because those are like having an emotional support buddy with you, reminding you and pulling you back into the present, and preventing you from getting lost in your thoughts.

HIHF: As I was listening to Plexured Minds, it almost felt like the order of the tracks was a journey of tangled emotions, starting off with the struggle, and slowly building something beautiful out of that in the end. Was this intentional or sort of up to the listeners to decipher for themselves as they listen?

Sharlitz Web: I think it’s a little bit of both. I think the universe had a play in it as well. My intentions were to let the listeners decipher it themselves, but when I listened back, I also felt like it was a true story of healing. It’s just one of those things that made sense and I didn’t want to over-think it because I can be an over-thinker at times.

HIHF: I feel like you have such a beautiful way of capturing emotions and pouring them into what you create, has it ever been difficult to put those feelings into sounds? If so, what do you do to get out of that block and get back to creating?

Sharlitz Web: Thank you for those beautiful words. It means a lot. Yes, at times it can be hard. Usually, there’s a trigger to the roadblock. Those are the moments I learn more about myself. Sometimes I’ll just have too many ideas at once and be all over the place. I’ve gotten better at letting go of ideas that don’t flow. You know there’s a lot of pressure you feel sometimes working in this scene, especially as a female, so sometimes the blocks come from that. That’s when I’ll need to take a step back. I’ll usually try to meditate, refresh my mind, go outside, vent to a friend, or go to the gym / do something fun.

HIHF: What is your favorite thing about getting to create, and what is something that can be a struggle?

Sharlitz Web: My favorite thing in creation is the flow state that can come from it. It’s like you get possessed by this creative little wizard. You’re not really thinking thoughts, you are making decisions because music-making is just a bunch of creative decisions, but it’s like the universe is giving you this tool to express yourself in ways you didn’t even know you could. It’s magical. I call that creative flow the muse. Tapping into the muse is something I’m continuously working on as it doesn’t happen every time (yet ;)) but it’s also tied into your ability to be able to let go. I struggle with letting go of ideas and sounds sometimes, or I won’t be able to make a decision because I like both ideas, which can get a little frustrating sometimes.

HIHF: The Sharlitz Web project and your sounds are truly unique to you, it feels like you’ve had such distinct emotions and frequencies since the beginning. What is it about the freeform bass genre that drew you in initially and made you want to create it?

Sharlitz Web: I’ve always had this love for bass and subfrequencies. I think it’s the freedom that comes from being able to create something that doesn’t necessarily have a ‘genre expectation’ or a ‘structure’ that the listeners are looking for. It’s like, the weirder it is, the better. That’s why I fell in love instantly with the free-form bass genre because it’s like, f#$% a genre, do what you want, create the vibe you want and let the music speak for itself.

HIHF: Out of all the tracks on the new EP, “Stay” really stuck out to me the most and hit home. Can you tell me a little bit about the meaning behind this track and what you hope your listeners take away from it?

Sharlitz Web: I wanted this song to hit deep. The intro vocals were a vibe and with the added audio effects/manipulation I did it really drew me in. It’s like stepping into a lagoon of warm and fuzzy basses that are flowing through a universe — taking you on this roller-coaster river with nice vibes and pretty colors while you’re floating on a tube. I wanted it to make my listeners feel protected in a sense. Like, if they’re having a hard day I want them to know I got their back, 🙂 I remember when I was writing this I started crying, and I just sat and cried for a little bit, and it felt good. They were happy tears, but at the same time, I was letting go of something.

HIHF: What do you think the scene can use a little more of right now? Whether it be leaders, community, etc.

Sharlitz Web: More love and genuine support. More awareness of ego so that it doesn’t get out of hand and make people think that everyone is their competitor because there’s plenty of room for all of us. More females on lineups and to keep PLUR alive.

HIHF: Love that. I feel like a lot of women in our industry are stepping into their power and really taking on bigger roles or pursuing their musical passions. This can sometimes be difficult when we feel like our voices aren’t being heard. What advice can you give to our fellow peers to help pursue what they love and keep working to make our community a place we can be proud of?

Sharlitz Web: Dream big. Be a little delusional with your visions because you’re the one who’s going to have to keep that flame lit. Feel it, believe it, envision it over and over again. Manifest and walk with pure intentions. Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid of what people think. Not everyone is going to f#$% with your stuff, and that’s okay! Be authentic and stay true to your roots. If you follow that, your path will unfold, and you will become aligned with the universe’s magic. Oh, and be a good person!

Thanks so much to Sharlitz Web for chatting with us! Be sure to check out her new EP below and show her some love on social media!

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