There’s no doubt that Hamdi has been taking the scene by storm with his cutting-edge sounds and unparalleled take on production. While many know him for his viral 2022 hit “Skanka,” he has a vast stockpile of music that reaches far beyond. Earlier this year, the tastemaker finally made it to the U.S. and has been gracing fans with his music at clubs like Flash DC and festivals like EDC Las Vegas, The Untz Festival, and Infrasound.

One track fans have been dying for the release of and have been hearing Hamdi rinse out at every stage he’s set foot on, as well as across social media, is “Counting.” The dirty dubstep number with those quintessential Hamdi cadences found throughout has been a staple of Hamdi’s sets and even rinsed out by bigger names like John Summit and Zeds Dead. Even for those just watching via socials, there’s nothing quite like hearing those iconic  “One Two Three Four….” vocals from Princess Superstar. Here is what Hamdi had to say about working with the super-talented artist:

“Been so excited to release this one for a while. Had a great time working with such an iconic vocal from Princess Superstar.” – Hamdi

The track starts off with just her vocals, quickly intertwining within a sonic build-up that pulls listeners in deeper with excitement and curiosity. Once that drop hits, it’s game over. Throughout the track’s entirety, listeners are met with that signature Hamdi energy, one that has to be heard to be truly understood. “Counting” has found its home with Deadbeats, which makes perfect sense with the recent announcement of Hamdi’s debut Denver set at this year’s upcoming Deadrocks, where Zeds Dead will return to Red Rocks for the 9th time.

Having artists in the UK come across the pond to share those OG sounds is a very special experience, especially when they’re the ones that influenced most of what is being pushed within the states currently. Hamdi is without a doubt someone who not only keeps the culture alive but brings forth a whole new emotion and sound with him. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for what’s to come from this rising star, especially now that he’s playing stateside.

Stream “Counting” below and let us know if you’ve been lucky enough to catch any Hamdi sets so far this year, or plan to, down in the comments!

Header Photo: Lane Jackman

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