Toronto-based hit-maker Distinct Motive has quickly become a household name in the dubstep world. If you have been to a 140 show in 2023, chances are you have heard one of the many high-quality dubs that this man has stashed away in the vault. With releases on popular labels like Deep Dark & Dangerous as well as several self-released projects on Bandcamp, the people have been wanting more of Distinct Motive.

Heading into this weekend, fans are rejoicing as the talented producer has finally released two sought-after tracks on Boogie T’s Drama Club Records – the Snakes EP is here.

Jumping right into the title track “Snakes”, it’s clear why so many fans and fellow producers are excited about this release. There’s something about a Distinct Motive drop that really gets the people going. Fun, sense-tingling basses combined with clean percussion and fantastic vocal samples – what more could you possibly want in a track? Many artists, such as HIHF-favorite Chef Boyarbeatz, are calling this their favorite Distinct Motive dub and are ecstatic that it’s finally seeing the light of day.

The second track from the Snakes EP, “Shake Junt”, keeps the party going on a deeper level. This one provides some great call-and-response action, hitting listeners with different sounds and patterns that keep them on their toes. The sustained sub gives each sound more power and keeps us enclosed in Distinct Motive’s bass chamber. Who would want to leave though?

Paying homage to the early aesthetic of dubstep with his own unique sound, Distinct Motive has certainly created a level of hype and excitement for the original, dub-influenced side of the genre that has many listeners and enthusiasts across North America hooked. Earlier this year, Distinct Motive played a handful of stacked shows where he was able to showcase his gems. These shows included headline performances at The Black Box in Denver with Salty; TK Lounge in Tampa; Pittsburgh with Tunic and XL; Basic City in Richmond, VA with Chef Boyarbeatz; Sioux City, Iowa with Hypho and Hebbe; and a number of Canadian stops.

Distinct Motive also supported a number of insane shows and tours, including Mersiv’s “In The Round” event at Mission Ballroom, where he went b2b with Pushloop, and more recently in Washington, D.C. at Karma with Alix Perez and ONHELL. Let us know in the comments if you’ve been able to catch a Distinct Motive set in 2023!

We can’t wait to hear what’s next from this rising star! What did you think of the Snakes EP from Distinct Motive? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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