Once again, Jiqui re-enters the bass-bending arena wielding his newest unrelenting EP, Death Of The Hero, vanquishing any doubts about his undeniable rise to the forefront of the scene. From start to finish, each track from this project displays his ability to harness the raw, dark energy of heavy bass and transform it into an infectious sonic odyssey irresistible to any bass music aficionado. Fusing the elements of trap, heavy rock, and diabolical dubstep, Jiqui masterfully crafts four brutal headbanger anthems. 

Jiqui kicked off 2023 pedal to the floor with his twenty-minute back-breaking showcase compilation, “Cataclysm”, and has refused to let off the gas ever since. This year, he has cultivated and defined his unique sound, earning him his EP release on PhaseOne’s Sounds of Mayhem Recordings. After unleashing an aquatic-themed banger, “SONAR”, he followed up with one destructive track after another. Dropping heaters like “BURST STREAM” with Stoned Level and “Rabbit” with Effin.

Jiqui has been dominating the festival scene, recently making noise at Forbidden Kingdom, Rampage Open Air and Das Energi Festival. Jiqui has also been actively demonstrating his production prowess on the road, acting as heavyweight support for PhaseOne’s Beyond Oblivion tour and Midnight T’s Gauntlet Tour. It’s clear Jiqui has paved the way for his guaranteed bright future in the world of dark bone-rattling bass. 

“Antihero” opens up the Death Of The Hero EP with a looming, ominous interlude accompanied by Vastive’s crisp captivating vocals. Together the duo curate a diabolical, genre-defying soundscape before breaking into a gruesome bassline, with the lyrics declaring ‘this is my inferno’. These words ring true, as they offer a rich contrast between the crunchy bass tones and the electrifying composition. These elements work simultaneously with the experimental crescendos to usher the sound play forward with expert control.

“Stench Monster” has Jiqui’s signature sound stamped all over it. Beginning with gurgling monstrous noises embodying the ID’s name, the following screeching bass and gut-punching trap-infused beat engulf us in a designer sound experience that we’ve come to recognize. The entire track’s ensemble is guaranteed to have you stomping up a storm as the choppy sub-bass sends a chill down your spine.

Pushing the boundaries of dubstep composition, “Soul Shred” delivers an unrelenting combination of distorted guitar riffs and an explosive drumline only enhanced by Qoiet’s vicious vocals ensuring you will ‘feel it in your bones’. The dubstep and the heavy metal aspects are seamlessly intertwined creating a spellbinding dense composition ready to unleash damage at your local festival mosh pit. 

Last, but definitely not least on the Death Of The Hero EP is “Pop Rocks”. With precision and ease, Jiqui blends the production realms of trap and dubstep birthing this contagiously bouncy piece of art. His immense ability to dabble in between genres shines on this track as he incorporates tools and tricks from the sounds of hip-hop to create this speaker-wobbling tune.

As this year comes to a close, it’s clear Jiqui has earned the foothold he has carved out for himself in the bass music industry. Here’s what Jiqui had to say about his Death Of The Hero EP:

“Death Of The Hero is one of my personal favorite EPs that I’ve released. I feel like it definitely captures a lot of what the Jiqui style feels like. All of these tunes have been staples in my sets for the last year and I’m super stoked to finally be able to put them out!” – Jiqui

How long were you able to resist the urge to break your neck while listening to Jiqui’s Death Of The Hero EP? Check out the tracks below and let us know what you think in the comments or on our socials below!

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