The innominate bass music producer, Komadoze, took to Instagram on October 10th to unveil his new project, Sounds of Basil. The artist who made his footprint on the scene with his infamous collab with a HIHF favorite and guest mix contributor, RavenscoonICGAS,” is excited to unveil this exhilarating new chapter. Today, Komadoze, now dubbed Sounds of Basil, returns triumphantly to the scene with a heater of his halftime DnB track, “Fallen Tears.”

In 2021, Ravenscoon fans were gifted with the release of ICGAS,” marking Komadoze’s debut track, shortly after the release of Komadoze’s “Chemistry 101” mix, leaving bass heads everywhere wondering, “Who is Komadoze?!” 

After releasing a heartfelt statement explaining his absence, Sounds of Basil also announced his official debut track under his new moniker. Fired up and ready to rev up his updated alias, Sounds of Basil is eager to unveil his new art project. He chose to release “Fallen Tears” on New York’s Obskure Records, which has supported some of my personal favorites, EmalkayMikayliMaluka, and Josh Teed.

Similar to past Komadoze releases, “Fallen Tears” delivers unfathomable energy. Opening with female vocals and an underlying layer of synths, you get an immediate feeling this track is going to pop off. As the beat drops, all mayhem breaks out. The vocals soon give way to a massive influx of breakbeats and snares. You are only given a short moment to catch your breath as the tempo changes before the next drop, and Sounds of Basil takes you back into the pandemonium. 

This track is an impressive feat of sound engineering and sets the tone for what we believe is going to be an exciting journey for new and old fans! We are prepared for the thrill ride that the Sounds of Basil project will undoubtedly be!

What did you think of Sounds of Basil’s debut track, “Fallen Tears?” Let us know in the comments below or on our socials!

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