The ominous Khiva sat down with the Heard It Here First team at Suwannee Hulaween for an exclusive interview about her new single, “Snapdragon”, the Deep Dark and Dangerous family, her inspirations, and more. Khiva is an artist we have supported for years and she has been hypnotizing more and more of the masses with her deep dubstep sound with every show and festival she plays.

We had the chance to learn more about Khiva ahead of her Friday night performance. Prior to that Hulaween debut, Khiva blessed Heard It Here First with an infectious Road To Hulaween HIHF Guest Mix that upped the ante prior to her highly-anticipated set!

Check out our conversation down below to hear about all things new and exciting to come with the Khiva project!

HIHF: Hey guys, Ari and Ty here from Heard It Here First with Khiva for an interview at the Spirit Lake stage where she is about to throw down her Hulaween debut set. Let’s get right into it!

HIHF: You just dropped a new single, “Snapdragon”, tell us about making that track and what you want your fans to know about it.

Khiva: That one for me was very much reggaeton-influenced. I made it at a time where I was listening to a lot of reggaeton and I just love it. I love that kind of “dancehall” beat. It was actually my birthday when I made that track and I was just about to head out, I made it really quick, and the lyrics came later when I was in the forest. It was very lighthearted, but also with the same kind of deep ethos and message that I do.

HIHF: That’s amazing that you made it in the forest and you get to play it for the first time in the forest! 

Next, who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Khiva: My top favorite bands which I have probably said before – if you’ve been following me for a while you probably know it’s My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, Alexisonfire. Obviously dubstep people, Truth, J:Kenzo, Thelem, ENiGMA Dubz, the list goes on.

HIHF: Speaking of Truth and Deep Dark and Dangerous, that’s kind of become your home label, if anything you are staple of the label now.

HIHF: What’s your relationship with the label and with Truth like?

Khiva: I mean, it’s honestly family. Everything about Deep Dark and Dangerous and everything that Dre and Tristian have created comes from the heart and you know, attracts light. Everything comes together very naturally. It’s just family, that’s all it is.

HIHF: What have been some of your favorite venues and festivals you have played this year?

Khiva: This year, I’ve been really lucky to play a lot of really diverse festivals. I just played at one in Arizona called Gold Rush, that was really awesome and it was at a race track. Sol Fest was really cool, and Hulaween itself is incredible, I’m really happy to be here. Again, I’ve just been to a really diverse, amazing lineup of festivals this year and all the people have been really kind.

HIHF: Incredible, I love that you’re having that experience.

So what is next for the Khiva project?

Khiva: So, I’ve got this track today, “Snapdragon”, there will be some remixes coming for it, which I’m really excited about. This one is 96, I of course need to make sure there is a 140 component there as well for myself and I’m sure everyone else will appreciate it. I’m having friends on board for that, so that’ll be really great. In the next year, I’m gonna have a lot more that I think people will resonate as the true “Khiva” sound coming through so there’s a lot to look forward to.

HIHF: All of our eyes will be on you as you hone in on that sound, we love it!

HIHF: Lastly, what would be your advice for up-and-coming producers?

Khiva: The same thing I say every time: be true to yourself, stay true, listen to your heart, follow your heart, and do what you love. Always follow love and always trust that.

HIHF: Ty & Ari, you heard it here first, live with Khiva. Thank you to Khiva!

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*Featured photos from Chachi Clamon*

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