Harnessing a primordial element more powerful than music, the rising phenom ALLEYCVT channels the pure healing essence of love through her Deadbeats debut track, “GLITCH”. The boundary-pushing producer invites listeners to envelop themselves within a sonic aura outside of the tiresome societal “matrix”. “GLITCH” fluidly fuses ALLEYCVT’s signature ethereal soundscape and enchanting vocals with her ghoulish dubstep production while reminding us of the beauty of not only living in the present moment but finding love for the present moment.

Rightfully so, ALLEYCVT has earned her spot as a festival favorite not only in the hearts of the electronic music community but here at HIHF as well. Her rise from a captivating online presence to an on-the-rise iconic electronic name has been nothing short of stellar. “GLITCH” marks her thirteenth release in her official catalog. Despite still being in the early stages of her career, each track illustrates her surgical precision when it comes to curating and defining her unique style of soundplay. With a background in singing, songwriting, and playing guitar, it’s clear why her music is effortlessly infectious.

Most recently, she united with Zingara for a titanic collaboration, “REMEMBER ME”, colliding their powerhouse production realms. She also combined forces with HIHF for an Exclusive Playlist Takeover. Beyond just her masterful compositions, ALLEYCVT has cultivated a massive following by utilizing her genuine and infectious personality as a springboard launching her into the spotlight. 

As she progresses into the second year of releasing music, ALLEYCVT leaves behind an awe-inspiring first chapter of her career, having left an unforgettable impression across the country while on her debut THE PLANET SUPERSONIC TOUR. Along the way, she has brought her mold-breaking dubstep to renowned festivals such as Electric Zoo, Lost Lands, and Freaky Deaky. ALLEYCVT shows no signs of slowing down as she gears up for her debuts at Hijinx and Excision’s Paradise Blue later on this year.

Embodying the spirit of Keanu Reaves as Neo, “GLITCH” calls upon the symbolism of the red and blue pill. In our world filled with mundane trials and tribulations that often distract us from the art of living, ALLEYCVT uses her effervescent lyricism to reach into the soul and remind us to fall in love with the simplicity of being alive. “GLITCH” opens with an alluring guitar melody that compliments her captivating vocals, guaranteeing a physical feeling of being “weightless”. If the entrancing intro doesn’t immediately dig its claws under your skin, the following build-up’s incorporation of revving bass tones while maintaining the euphoric melody is sure to entice any bass enthusiast. Anyone familiar with ALLEYCVT’s discography knows that each of her tracks is layered with diabolical stylings and “GLITCH”  is no exception. 

Here’s what ALLEYCVT had to say about her newest release, “GLITCH,”  through Deadbeats:

“I wanted to make a happy song about love. I think the world needs more of it. It doesn’t even necessarily have to do with falling in love with another person, just falling in love with something that makes you feel like you’ve escaped the monotony of day-to-day life; escaping the matrix that we’re in, even if it makes you uncomfortable.” – ALLEYCVT

Which pill did you choose after hearing “GLITCH”? The red pill or the blue pill? Check out the track below and let us know down in the comments!

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