DMVU is a multi-talented, versatile composer of sounds and emotions, never confining himself to just one genre. Tracks like “Blocc’d” and “How Far For What” are the perfect examples of his wide range of production and energetic abilities. In 2020, DMVU kickstarted a trilogy of album releases, starting off with Two Pairs Of Eyes, Gazing Only At Each Other, and following up in 2021 with Praise Be Delusion, Or The Ripple.

Each of these albums was different in its own retrospect, but both were incredible journeys of provocative and heart-wrenching emotions. DMVU has this powerful ability to paint vivid pictures in his listener’s minds, and take them through colorful and emotional voyages of sound.

He has done that yet again, wrapping up the trilogy installments with Little Castles, Swim To Me, out now via DOME OF DOOM. I’ve always felt like a creature of the forest when listening to his softer musical sides, and I certainly felt that way with this last album. There were so many different moments and feelings that came forth during this album, happy, melancholy, transformative, and ones that cannot really be put into words. But this really feels like a project where you just have to listen for yourself and decide the journey and emotions DMVU is taking you on.

Each of the thirteen tracks is different and will touch everyone in their own ways. This really felt like the perfect way to end the expedition of frequencies that DMVU carefully crafted over the last few years with these full-length releases. It’s truly poetry from beginning to end and a story you will want to listen to again and again. A few of the many stand-out tracks for me were “Fold Ur Heart,” “The Hands That Broke, Embrace,”This Song Was Easy,” and “Haikus About Nothing.”

Embark on your own journey through Little Castles, Swim To Me, and stream the album on your preferred platform now. Have a favorite track? Let us know in the comments below!

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