Over ten years ago, dubstep legends Doctor P and Flux Pavilion formed Circus Recordings, hosting Funtcase as one of the label’s mainstays over the years. Today, Doctor P is releasing on Funtcase’s label, DPMO Records, and he’s recruiting the dubstep demon AFK for their new collaboration.

On their DPMO debut, they bring fans “Destroyed“, an all-out onslaught on the senses. It’s the perfect representation of both Doctor P and AFK’s signature dubstep sounds and is a great addition to any headbanger’s playlist, whether you are a new fan or an OG. It’s certain to have the whole mosh pit going nuts, so look out for this heater as the festival season slowly rolls back in!

For Doctor P, this DPMO release follows his Circus Records assisted collaboration with Chime, the up-and-coming dubstep UK producer well-known for his “color bass” and 8-bit stylings.

For AFK, his last releases prior to this were his remix for Riot Ten as well as his collaborative EP with Qoiet.

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