Grayskale is a young, up-and-coming producer who has been crushing it lately. Today, he is linking up with the DC based Gradient Perspective for his Ephemeris EP. We had the opportunity to help them premiere one of the two tunes off the new project, titled “Eccentricity.”

“Eccentricity” brings out the grotesque bass style that Grayskale has become known for. The Detroit producer employs all sorts of filthy kicks, frightening growls, infectious plucks, and joyous boom-bap stylings throughout the track, making it one that is sure to turn heads around the bass world.

It’s clear Grayskale knows what he is doing with not just “Eccentricity”, but also on the other track “Ecliptic” and the full Ephemeris EP from Gradient Perspective.

Here’s what Grayskale had to say about the new banger:

“The main focus of the track was drum work focused on polyrhythms, bounce, triplets and swing. I used ecliptic as the reference track for arrangement, and I wanted to go with some deeper sound design. The samples in the song include banjo kazooie, my favorite childhood game, along with some Kirby samples inspired by Kirby Bright and Dredlok’s collab also released on The Gradient Perspective!” – Grayskale

What did you think of Grayskale’s new track “Eccentricity?” Let us know down below in the comments!

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