Prepare to blast off into the atmosphere with Viskus and Grayskale in their gripping new single, “Slingshot Maneuver ”.

The effervescent track vibrantly demonstrates Viskus’ whimsical synth-play as it is layered over Grayskale’s deep vibrational basslines. “Slingshot Maneuver” is a future bass essential, as the two underground producers maneuver all the colors of the cosmos and translate them into a visceral, bass-filled auditory experience.

Oklahoma City-based producer Viskus, has been consistently providing fans with bangers that showcase his ability to transcend various genres, most notably in his recent project, Chasing Phantoms EP. In “Slingshot Maneuver”, Viskus lays down energetic pulsing chord progressions that give the track its bouncy attitude from the start. He maintains this steady pulse paired with hefty 808s to create a wavy, other-worldly melody. Air traffic control echoes over buzzing synths, as the two producers curate a gravity-defying bassline that builds to a hype crescendo.

Grayskale brings his own unique elements to the table in this collaboration, as he strategically integrates his energetic bass-bending abilities that he exhibited in his String Theory album released earlier this year. The Detroit native’s talent shines bright in the second half of “Slingshot Maneuver”, as he layers on distorted bass synths in order to infectiously harness the future bass sound. Grayskale sporadically interjects lively, compressed vocal chops along with the “laser fire” tagline to ensure that you will be slingshot into an intergalactic dominion by your first listen through. 

If “Slingshot Maneuver” is up your alley, check out Heard It Here First Guest Mix Vol. 61: Viskus from last Halloween, where Viskus employs a similar styling of sound, just a little spookier. Fans are looking forward to hearing his latest experimentations live at Infrasound Equinox Music Festival in early October, playing amongst huge bass producers like VCTRE and Ternion Sound.

If you’re interested in encountering some Grayskale bass live, be sure to snag tickets to his headlining performance at Elektricity Nightclub at the end of this month!

What did you think of “Slingshot Maneuver”? Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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