One of the most successful dubstep producers of our generation is none other than Jesse Kardon AKA Subtronics. Over the past few years, he has been taking the industry by storm with his diabolical producing and mixing skills. With an extensive list of hit bangers like “Griztronics”, “Scream Saver”, and “Particle Meme Weapon” just to name very few, the sky is the limit for this talented producer. Recently, he hosted Cyclops Cove in Boca Raton, Florida, a Subtronics curated event with an insane lineup. Now, he is gearing up for his upcoming Fractals Tour, which just kicked off last night. Today, Subtronics released his biggest project to date, a sixteen-track album titled “Fractals”. Chock-full of brutal collabs and everything weird and wonky, this album is quite possibly the most impressive work we’ve seen from the young producer. Out now through his own Cyclops Recordings, “Fractals” is finally here!

Subtronics brought out some incredibly talented producers for “Fractals”. Before dropping the album, he gave fans an early look into his album with the release of “Spacetime” featuring Nevve, “Griztronics II (Another Level)” with GRiZ, and “Gassed Up” with Zeds Dead and Flowdan. Immediately listeners knew this album was going to be nothing short of incredible. The collaborations don’t stop there, also featured are vocalists Christina Soto, Grabbitz, and Sony, and big-name dubstep producers Boogie T and Sullivan King.

The first track we’d like to mention is the melodic turned heavy banger “Spacetime” featuring Nevve. The track eases listeners in with Nevve’s soothing vocals taking a gentle approach into the insanity that is “Fractals”, gradually building up before being smacked with the intense bass we’ve grown to expect from Subtronics. “Spacetime” is both beautiful and entirely capable of breaking your neck.

Another track off “Fractals” that is extremely notable is the deep wub powerhouse “Flute dub”. Opening with a soft intro of twinkling notes, a drumline is introduced and then drops into a bass-heavy flute melody. The track gives off major Ganja White Night vibes and is certainly going to be a fan favorite. This is definitely one of our top tracks off the album, as it perfectly captures Kardon’s ability to create music outside of his norm.

Another track that stood out to us is the bass anthem “Cyclops Rocks”. From start to finish, every second is absolutely mental. This track was made for Kardon’s debut 2021 Cyclops Rock event, when he headlined Red Rocks alongside Ace Aura, Space Wizard, Level Up, Eazybaked and more. Flaunting multiple drops paired with wonky wubs and bone-shattering bass, it’s an excellent composition of experimental dubstep with the heavy riddim one can expect from Subtronics.

One of the most notable tracks is “Take Flight VIP” with Sullivan King. “Take Flight”  was released in July 2021 and was widely lauded for being a remarkable collaboration of Sullivan King’s heavy metal style paired with Subtronics’ wompy deep riddim. “Take Flight VIP” brings the extremity to the next level with more intense bass, more riddim, and a bass drop leading into a surprise heavy dub house jam. This track sends chills down your spine as you headbang until you’re dizzy, then cut up some rug to some of the bounciest house you’ll ever hear at a dubstep show.

Other standout tracks include “Tuba Demon,” “O.P.U.S,” and “Metafractal.”

“Fractals” in its entirety is a complete work of art. All sixteen tracks are uniquely special. Kardon poured his heart and soul into countless hours perfecting it, and it truly shows. Here’s what the superstar producer had to say about his new album:

“I’m overly transparent about my creative process, so not being able to share it with everyone has been an adjustment. I will say, I have poured so much emotional, mental, and sentimental weight into it. Putting such a huge project out there, something that I’ve been working on for well over a year is kind of terrifying. I’ve reworked every detail of every track, made improvements, and built a universe around all of it. I have definitely evolved and grown with my sound design and I am beyond excited to share FRACTALS with everyone.” – Subtronics

Be prepared to annoy your neighbors. You won’t be able to resist turning the volume up to the max with every track off Subtronics’ “Fractals”, but if you’re worried about them, then be sure to catch one of his fifty-two upcoming shows at a venue near you to catch these bangers live!

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