Excision is back with his fifth album “Onyx,” so get ready to have your neck destroyed! This album takes you on a new journey jointly filled with bass and feels, and even more bass.

The king is back with a heater for every headbanger out there, showing that Excision continues to dominate the dubstep world. Known for his spectacular production, you won’t want to miss hearing this album live at his upcoming events. Catch him this year soon at The Coliseum in Hampton, VA, Thunderdome in Washington state, and at Paradise Blue, his Cancun festival!

Enter the world of “Onyx” as the first song “Decimate”  captures you with a new robotic predator coming to take you on a dubstep safari. This album tells a whole story. You’ll get hypnotized with the familiar chops and kicks played throughout the album and then be taken on a feels-trip with singles like “Our Fire” with Sullivan King. 

Excision has collaborations with other talented dubstep producers on the album including Hairitage, Dion Timmer, Kai Wachi, and Kompany. Listening to “Onyx” is like stepping foot onto the Lost Lands grounds and letting the bass and dinosaurs take over your world. Your neck will be sore, but at least there is some emotional melodic dubstep to heal those wounds. “Back to Life”  will have your heart crying while “Clockwork”  will have you running headfirst into a mosh pit. “The Last Elder” is sure to leave your jaw on the floor and “Cough Drop” will have you throwing ‘bows at a truly dangerous rate.

“Onyx” perfectly balances filthy dubstep with heartbreaking melodic dubstep. Imagine all these singles with his mastered lasers and visuals. We can’t wait to catch X live now that this project is finally here.

Which track from Excision’s “Onyx” is your favorite?  Listen below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments or on our socials! We hope you liked this one as much as we did.

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