Manic Focus, the brainchild of multi-genre artist John “JmaC” McCarten, returns with “Back From The Future“, a bass-heavy banger released via Wakaan. This single from the seasoned producer marks a divergence in style from recent releases. “Coastline Mind Volume 1” was a playful LoFi collection. Meanwhile, the collaborative “Halo” EP written with ProbCause was pure Hip Hop. The eclectic style showcased in these 2022 releases is nothing new for Manic Focus. We look forward to seeing him continue to push boundaries throughout the year.

Right away, “Back From The Future” catches the listener’s ear with a hint of hype vocals that floats overtop a catchy melodic hook. A quick build leads right into a mean, stompy chorus. Punchy drums set the groove, while the percussive, rolling bass rattles your bones. Manic Focus then switches it up and introduces a wet, smeary lead bass. Common side effects include resting bass face and a jaw glued to the floor. The second drop builds upon the themes present in the first half and the variety of new sounds drives the sonic experience to another level. The track as a whole showcases Manic Focus’ darker side while retaining his distinct sound. Here is what he had to say about his new work:

“This tune is about raging into the future with optimism and swag. I wrote the main idea in a hotel room before a show. I needed a song to bridge a gap in my set, so I made a big crunchy beat in 20 min. I played it that night and it went better than expected, so I elaborated on the idea and turned it into a full song with 2 drops. I was imagining the energy of the crowd I was about to play for and putting that energy into a song. The vocals say ‘Bring that s*** back’ , and that s*** is the awesome energy the fans bring to shows.” – Manic Focus

Manic Focus is already slated to perform at OkeechobeeArise Music Festival, and North Coast Music Festival in 2022. Given his past performances, including at Lollapalooza, Camp Bisco, Summer Camp, and dozens more, we have a lot to look forward to this year.

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