Ableton wizard and master beatmaker Greg “G Jones” Jones is back with his first solo single in two years, A2C2I2D.” This will be the second single off his upcoming Acid Disk 2 EP following “On My Mind,” his collab with Eprom from a few weeks back. A2C2I2D” gels immaculately with the previous track, both providing masterful ear candy and technical showmanship expressed through an old school sonic palette.

Back on the live circuit lately, G Jones has enjoyed support from legends like Ivy LabMr. Carmack, and Shades. He’s got a few more shows on the books for this year including a much-anticipated Brooklyn show with Ivy Lab and Mr. Carmack, with further announcements sure to come. If you have an opportunity to catch a set, count yourself blessed and make sure to secure a ticket.

G Jones’ A2C2I2D” is a tribute to the classic sound of the Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer, which played a major part in the creation of the “acid bass” style. He takes the squelchy, alien sound embodied by the synth and flips it on its head. The track begins with a distorted and glitched out intro, building tension into an enormous chorus. Stuttering chops tease and then drop us right into the action. Booming 808s and crunchy percussion in a breakbeat style provide the rhythmic backdrop for a 303-style synth line, so heavily effected as to sound robotic. G Jones is a master of utilizing space and this track sounds absolutely ENORMOUS. His signature chops never cease to surprise and it all blends together into the soundtrack for a cyborg alien dance number.

I don’t know of any artist that can manipulate sound like G Jones and he proves that yet again with A2C2I2D.” It is a high-energy sound design exhibition that expresses an appreciation for a palette of classic sounds that inspired so much of modern electronic music. It is a masterpiece, full stop.

What did you think of G Jones’ A2C2I2D”? Are you as pumped as we are for the full EP? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials and don’t forget to support G Jones on socials as well!

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