Few artists have paved the way for the modern bass music subgenre like G Jones and EPROM have. This iconic bass duo has taken the scene by storm with genre-bending music that is anything but ordinary. After five long-anticipated years, G Jones and EPROM have once again joined forces to bring us part two of their Acid Disk series, their “Acid Disk 2” EP. 

Recently G Jones and EPROM blessed fans with the first two singles off the EP, “On My Mind” and “A2C2I2D”Bridging the gap between experimental bass music and face-melting, unearthly, extraterrestrial sounds, they create a bass-fueled experience that sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Next is the full-body experience “Facebang (Acid Mix)” by EPROM. Packed with sonic soundwaves that envelop you, this track is an adventure best suited for a top-quality sound system or headphones to feel every note surrounding your being, taking hold of you as it melts your mind. 

“On The Platform” takes listeners in a different direction as G Jones creates a beautiful and effervescent labyrinth of synths and crispy beats. A feel-good, euphoric vibe that still hits with the intensity one expects from the sound design master, this one is sure to be a favorite for G Jones fans across the world.

“Flex Acid” by EPROM begins with reverberating bass and overlaying synths. The distorted otherwordly tones lead into a filth-fueled delivery of high bpm low-end bass beats. This track is chill, yet still animalistic, feeding into the fun vibes of “Acid Disk 2” EP as a whole.

Closing out the EP is the collaboration track “Final Lap.” Starting with a smooth tempo layered with breakbeats and vibey notes, it perfectly sums up the EP. The kicks and snares feed into the incoming breakbeats as they take you for another intense ride before bringing it to a close with the chill vibes reminiscent of the intro. This track emanates love and feels like the exact moment before a set ends where all is perfect in the world.

This EP is a phenomenal work of art. Two musical geniuses whose styles are unmatched in the electronic music industry have created a journey that brings you from wild and adventurous to serene and therapeutic. Somehow managing to do this while still delivering their raw masterful production is genuinely remarkable. 

“Acid Disk 2” EP will surely be a fan favorite. After several years since the original “Acid Disk” EP, this picked up right where they left off and exceeded all of our expectations over here at Heard It Here First.

What was your favorite track off G Jones and EPROM’s “Acid Disk 2” EP? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials!

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