Talented producers Ujuu and RYNS have teamed up to give us the smooth and sexy new EP “Lumina“. These two friends represent Solace Family, a collective pioneered by Ujuu. They recently put on the successful Electric Wave Festival in Indianapolis which featured MeSo, Freddy Todd, G-Space, Smoakland, and many more. Keep an eye out for more big things in store from the Solace Fam!

Ujuu is an Indianapolis native who takes pride in his ability to stand out in the bass scene. He melds styles of experimental bass with future beats to conceive something new and fresh each time. His creativity has earned him the support of hufe names such as Liquid Stranger, Excision, Wreckno, LSDREAM, and our team at HeardItHereFirst.

RYNS also hails from Indy, drawing from similar influences but honing in on a sound driven by future-trap. He has had the opportunity to open for names like Mr. Bill, Mize, iLL Gates, Boogie T, and more. This project fits perfectly with RYNS’ affinity for connecting and creating with others, and the final result definitely proves that!

We got some insight from the boys into the making of “Lumina“:

“Ujuu and I always make a point to have fun in the studio. The music started coming together naturally and after building up some projects it felt right to solidify them in an EP. We share a lot of influences which helps a lot when making creative decisions and throwing ideas at the wall. We’re always looking to create a moment for both the live setting and listeners at home. I think we both got to add our own flavors to the tracks and I’m really proud of how it turned out.” – RYNS

“The Lumina EP to me is somewhat of an intentional piece that RYNS and I came up with little by little. We have a fun friendship through music and always find a way to make music when we spend time together. It started off like our usual hangs and studio sessions and as we wrote we stumbled onto some cool concepts and ideas. As we continued writing we discussed how we wanted to keep pushing ourselves to make more thoughtful and emotional music. To me ‘lumina’ simply was an idea/place/thought/space where RYNS and I could co exist and build our own unique style and sound. We pulled influence from a lot of different artists but also from the spaces we were in. Sometimes we would hike around his town where they have a beautiful lake and I think that played a role in what we imagined as the space that this kind of music would exist. Definitely a natural setting. After making the EP together and RYNS being one of my favorite people to collab with, we have toyed with the idea of starting a duo together. Who knows. Maybe we’ll sneak out a new project in the near future 👀” – Ujuu

This four-track EP is full of glittering soundscapes and complex, serene melodies. Showcasing a downtempo sound, Ujuu and RYNS expertly meld their styles together in this new and exciting project. The title track, “Lumina,” is bright and colorful, eliciting feelings of a late-night fire under the stars. It flows seamlessly into “Discovery“, which features organic synths that bring a sense of wonder and adventure.

Right Place, Right Time”  takes listeners down a relaxing stream of vibes. Its calming energy is offset by a perfectly crafted bassline that guides the track along with ease. Closing things out, “Level Head” provides a touch more energy with a housey type beat while staying true to the project’s roots in experimental, earthy sounds at the breakdown. This entire work is a masterpiece and the perfect wave to ride into springtime.

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**Featured photos by Alex Myers**

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