No stranger to cerebral sounds and concepts, ZINGARA consistently brings a tantalizing combination of in-your-face bass and dark, almost mystical undertones. ZINGARA’s debut EP “Mind & Body”, off Gravitas Music, focuses those ideas into four absolute belters. Each track off this project is unique and addictive in its own way, certainly an outstanding release for this young Baltimore artist as she continues her run supporting SubDocta on tour.

The EP gets started with its namesake, “Mind & Body,” which is a winding and hypnotic journey. The intro consists of a monologue about consciousness that’s almost relaxing if it wasn’t for the tense beat behind it. The call and response pattern is simple, but so effective, especially with the interplay between the bassline and vocal chops from the monologue. 

“Spell on You” is a fresh take of the classing song by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, incorporating original vocals by Holly Harper. This modern approach breathes fresh life into the tune by capturing the blues influence with Harper’s stellar rendition of the vocals before following it up with a dark and menacing bassline. 

The third effort off this release, “Deeper”, wastes no time getting back into the flow. After a brief intro, the bass picks up into a sustained release that you can almost feel washing over you in waves. ZINGARA expertly builds that fluid sound into a more aggressive bounce following the kick and snare. The monologs used in “Mind & Body” and this one successfully develop this mythos of hypnosis and guided relaxation that play very effectively into the mystical elements of the other two songs.

“Magic is Real” rounds off this EP by feeling a little more relaxed. ZINGARA focuses more on using the space between sounds and this provides a nice juxtaposition with the previous tunes where she sustained particular sounds for longer periods of time. Reverb throws, dreamy arpeggiations and airy vocals air things out to create a lush atmosphere that’s easy to get lost in.

ZINGARA’s “Mind & Body” EP shows off just how thoroughly she is hitting her stride. She’s already hit three hundred thousand followers and five million likes on TikTok. In terms of live performances this year, she is providing direct support along SubDocta’s “Strictly No Business” tour as well as throwing down with Subtronics at “Cyclops Rocks” in April at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado alongside HIHF favorite AUSTERIA. Check if she is coming to your city and don’t miss a chance to see her rinse these new bangers oout.

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