AUSTERIA and Zingara are two artists that have been dominating lately and we were lucky to have both of them throw down on our guest mix series. Today, they are back together and bass-ier than ever to deliver a three-part story wrapped into an EP, Sisters Of Fate.

These bass music brewers have each carved out a lane of their own and have continued to expand upon it. AUSTERIA has been skillfully building her almost entirely self-released catalog and fine-tuning her diabolical sound with each project. Zingara has been on the road this year with Subdocta on his Strictly Business tour, released her well-received debut EP in March, and is one of the selected winners for Excision’s inaugural Bass Music Initiative, where she has earned resources to propel her career even further.

The dedicated duo also came together to deliver a sinister yet celestial b2b at Subtronics’ Cyclops Rocks earlier this year, where they got to share the stage and sneak peeks of today’s Sisters Of Fate EP. If you’re looking to catch a set from either artist, and trust me you need to, you can catch both of them at Moonrise and Freaky Deaky in the coming months.

A tale as dubious as Austeria and Zingara’s production

Using the landscape of Greek mythology, Sisters Of Fate is the soundtrack to the mythography of three goddesses Clotho, Lakhesis, and Atropos, each deity representing a track on the EP. Delivering the lore and meaning behind the release, the production pair had this to say:

“The Sisters of Fate EP represents the story of three goddesses who determine the destiny of every being, mortal and divine, in the universe. Clotho spins the thread of life, Lakhesis allocates your fate, and Atropos cuts the thread determining the end of your story. This EP is our interpretation of their energy through music and channeling their power.”

The Sisters Of Fate EP story begins with “Clotho” sonically weaving together the fabric of life using blaring horns, oscillating synths, and celestial sprinklings. While featuring the dazzling mystical musings that the pair adorn their releases with, “Clotho” also features guttural bass lines, as each producer has mastered the descent from mystical and magical into bass madness.

With “Lakhesis,” AUSTERIA and Zingara lead you to your destiny with echoing vocals and waste no time unleashing grueling bass upon the listener. Between being blasted with brutal bass, the atmosphere calms while Lakhesis hypnotizes you with dubious affirmations. By the time the second chorus comes around, you are consumed with resonant bass and are ready to submit to her destiny for you, whatever that may be.

Zingara and AUSTERIA wrap up Sisters of Fate with “Atropos,” the goddess who determines the end of your story, and also in this case the end of the project. The track slowly pours energy out to the listener until, all at once, we are hit with a wave of electrifying bass. “Atropos” closes Sister Of Fate on an epic note using low reverberations, high energy, and punchy drums, leaving listeners ready to take on their destiny after the project’s triumphant conclusion.

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