The LoTemp boys are back! The Kansas City-based duo Dylan and Cody have been making some seriously wonky tunes over the past five years. They have landed releases with labels such as Spicybois, Wtf’s That Sound, and SurRealist Records in the past. They also performed at the legendary inaugural Wakaan Festival in 2019, and they were among our first HIHF guest mixes! Today, we’re linking with LoTemp for a HIHF premiere of their first track in sixteen months, “CrowdPleaser”!

“CrowdPleaser” is a catchy mix of experimental bass and trap and it’s the perfect LoTemp concoction for the KC natives to return to their fans through. The duo starts this tune off by drawing the listener in with a deep, hypnotic hook. It doesn’t take long for them to throw a huge array of sounds straight toward your face leaving you in sheer disbelief. The basslines and percussions are enough to keep the track unique and refreshing all the way thorughout.

Not only does “CrowdPleaser” show what the duo is capable of, it is sure to get festival stages across the country going wild whenever it is dropped in a live environment. It’s a slapper from start to finish and perfectly showcases LoTemp’s range to a tee!

Here’s what Dylan, from LoTemp, had to say about their return to the spotlight:

“I’m very eager to show the community our versatility this year. We can’t and won’t be put in a box and our upcoming releases and live sets will continue to prove that.” -Dylan Hochandel, ½ of LoTemp

“CrowdPleaser” proves once again that LoTemp has the heat on lock! The energy they unleash puts them in a prime position to seriously break out this year. Be sure to check out this new track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on our socials. Big ups to LoTemp and the team for the opportunity!

Album art is done by the talented Data_Byte. LoTemp and Electric Hawk are also running an exclusive giveaway for the release, be sure to enter here!

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