Cntrlla is an up-and-coming producer who has been crushing it lately. The young rising star was picked up for management by the good people at Electric Hawk, a multi-armed music agency that started off as a blog like us! They also manage fellow HIHF favorites like LoTemp and Farrah and have made a huge impact on the Electronic community over the years.

Cntrlla is well known for his experimental, hard-hitting beats. That’s exactly what we get here on his brand new Tragedy Eternal EP. It’s fueled by his knack for production excellence and serves as a testament to the future he has in store.

The new EP features three new bangers, one of which is in collaboration with the talented underground artist Chark. Each of the new tunes shows off something a little different, fully exemplifying that bright future Cntrlla has ahead of him with his distorted basslines and epic breakdowns.

Here’s what he had to say about his new Tragedy Eternal EP:

The Tragedy Eternal EP is my expression of the dark sludge beats I want to make forever. This EP is a homage to the slime punk era I grew in and how it pushed me toward making music. I want to continue pushing this sound and create a community representing a new take on this era. ‘Get Out of My Skin’ is this exact style and format that I was hesitant to do before since it’s a bit less traditional. As I have grown in the scene, I have become less attached to formatting my music a certain way and have had much more fun making tracks like ‘Get Out My Skin’. The last track, ‘1312’, was created while Chase (Chark) and I were on the slime to sludge tour and  perfectly blends our two sounds and expresses our overall displeasure for authority” -Cntrlla

What did you think of Tragedy Eternal from CNTRLLA? Let us know down below in the comments!

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