VEIL has precisely executed her vision of stark and mesmerizing bass with each new release. Her newest work, “Dark Matter,” captures that in an exceptionally well-balanced tune. VEIL is certainly having an impact on the landscape of wubby and weird music, coming off of tours with Liquid Stranger, and LSDream.

Dark Matter” takes its time setting the mood. There are several layers of ambient noises and garbled vocals swelling as the rhythm slowly forms underneath. The entire course of the track feels driven by the atmosphere as new unsettling elements indicate a sense of progression. It feels like a description of a place, you can imagine radio traffic on a distant space station or underwater lab. The foreboding energy is balanced well by a more pronounced bassline in the latter half which makes this new heater unique and satisfying to play.

Expect to see VEIL make some huge moves this year. She already has a packed schedule including a b2b set with NotLö at Shambhala, Sonic Bloom, The Kaya Project, and more to be announced. 

Crates I’m Putting This Into: Deep Dark, Hybrid Halftime

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