Fusing heavy heat with yields of insurmountable pressure, KUREI is back with the renewable fuel to kickstart your hump day. We’ve been gifted with our second exclusive premiere highlighting the legend herself, only this time it’s dropping on one of the most innovative, experimental-trap labels dominating the electronic underground, SUS COLLECTIVE. The regenerative single, “Hollaback Babe”, is not only a spicy spin of the iconic Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl”, but it also might be one of the sassiest beats KUREI has stepped on yet.

If you’re not familiar with KUREI, it’s about time you dive in. She renders a production design with an attitude, stacking a catalog of releases debuted on some of the fiercest electronic-trap labels such as Above and Below, Elysian Records, and Partica Artist Group to name a few.

Her bubbly aroma is intertwined with sparkles of drive, symbolizing her everlasting essence of divine femininity.

The standout quality of KUREI is apparent in the energy powered by her innate self-love and confident identity. It’s enough to generate forcefields. It’s real and it’s apparent, as she gives us a taste of that raw devotion she’s obtained for herself through every track she touches. She’s truly one of a kind, and we can’t wait to watch her bud into the animated blossom she’s been fabricating.

Today we’re strapped in with “Hollaback Babe”. Featuring organic sounds of her own booty claps, this is not her first rodeo with SUS COLLECTIVE. Ranging back to almost five years ago, she’s presented a plethora of badass beats across the episcool-operated label, and they’re all fire.

It’s an iconic anthem flipped right-side-up, carefully crafted into a two-minute and fifty-two-second beat to stomp, shuffle, and shake your ass too.

The glitter-bounce bass anthem ascends all forms of reality with multiple genre switch-ups, smoothly integrated into one cosmic complexion. The sassy trap-style fixtures illuminate its core, with an unexpected and refreshingly-fun bass house surprise that platonically shifts the already-established matrix.

The clap is literally a sample of me smacking my own ass, we taking bad bitch beats to a whole new level with this one” – KUREI

We hope you enjoyed “Hollaback Babe” from KUREI just as much as we did! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tag us on our socials!

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