For the last several years, Ace Aura has been leading the melodic dubstep/future riddim movement here in the United States. The combination of beautiful, angelic synths with heavier, gritty basses creates a refreshing take on dubstep that many fans now recognize and appreciate. He most recently made his Ophelia Records debut with the release of “Echoes”, in collaboration with Nytrix.

2021 was a ridiculously impressive year for Ace Aura. Not only did he release loads of singles and remixes, but he also collaborated with some of the most brilliant production minds in dubstep such as Subtronics, Tynan, and Crankdat. Ace Aura made his presence felt on the festival circuit, with performances at Lost Lands, Audiotistic, as well as Subtronics’ debut Cyclops Rocks at Red Rocks, and Cyclops Cove in Florida, going b2b with Level Up. He carried this momentum into 2022, having already locked in big festival bookings at Lost Lands, Bass Canyon, and Ever After up north in Canada. Not only that, but for all you producers out there, he has an epic collab sample pack with Chime that’s available on Splice.

“Echoes” is the latest melodic heater from Ace Aura, finding a home and fitting so well on Seven Lions’ label. This is actually the second time Ace Aura and Nytrix have collaborated, the first being an epic tune titled “Shattered”, which appeared on Ace’s Gem World EP that was released on former dubstep heavyweight label Never Say Die.

“Echoes” combines the ethereal, dream-like vocals of Nytrix with Ace Aura’s signature future riddim and melodic dubstep sound. I’ve always loved the way Ace Aura layers his synths and basses, creating an out-of-this-world experience that straight up slaps every time. His ability to switch it up in the second drop with more of a trappy flow leaves listeners energized and ready for more from this dubstep rising star.

This release is also the latest example of Ophelia Records branching out and diversifying its catalog. In only three years, Ophelia Records has become one of the premier labels in dance music, with releases ranging from melodic bass, to dubstep, to drum and bass, to wave, to trance, and the list goes on and on. Ace Aura joins a truly special group of forward-thinking producers at Ophelia, such as Blanke, Jason Ross, Trivecta, Mazare, REMNANT.exe, Xavi, and many others. We have always enjoyed hearing what comes out of this incredible label.

We are looking forward to following Ace Aura’s journey this year and beyond. What did you think of “Echoes” from Ace Aura and Nytrix? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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