Within the Washington D.C. and Baltimore underground scenes, you’ll find two names that continue to move up the chain and lay their mark on the community with forward-thinking beats and captivating live performances. Those two are crawdad sniper and Dhananjaya, who recently linked up again for a fun, gritty tune titled “Fungible Dub,” out now on The Gradient Perspective.

Wherever you have turned this year, crawdad sniper and Dhananjaya have consistently made some big strides, securing some fantastic bookings while also continuing to build their ever-expanding arsenal of mind-numbing heaters.

In terms of shows, fans have seen crawdad sniper support Black Carl! and NotLö at Flash Nightclub in D.C. as well as Pluto Era, Danny Grooves, Tygris and pheel. at the 8×10 in Baltimore. He also had the pleasure of playing Dreamscape Festival back in May, which included headliners Rusko and G Jones. Dhananjaya has also supported some incredible shows at Flash this year, such as Of The Trees as well as The Widdler and Pushloop’s tour stop on his birthday. He, too, played Dreamscape, going b2b with fellow local talent Shreztah. Both crawdad sniper and Dhananjaya will be playing Big Dub Festival at the end of this month, in Artemis, PA.

Fans have also seen these two link up on a couple of collabs prior to this most recent one. Their release on Aspire Higher titled “New Kicks” was a refreshing, uptempo bop that helped propel us into springtime. They even landed on High Peaks Collective’s Marcy compilation with “Conundrum Sauce,” where they were joined by several other up-and-coming mastermind producers such as ADAME, styl and Hearsay.

Fungible Dub” is a fun, yet smacking summertime hit that combines the craftsmanship and range of these two talented producers. After a hilariously cool intro with an expertly-processed vocal sample centered around screenshotting NFTs (I lol’d), we are then launched into a frenzy of thick dubs complimented by the producers’ signature clean drums. There’s a lot to unpack with this one, constantly getting smacked by new sounds at different angles, and ultimately making us think: “What even is the blockchain??”

Here’s what both artists had to say about their new collab:

“When writing this track, we wanted to create something that captured silliness and seriousness that bass music can have. The first drop makes me think of an upright bass with an accompanying dubstep orchestra. Coupling those ‘serious’ sounds with a really ironic sample shows both sides of what I love about bass music.” – crawdad sniper

“Fungible Dub is a moist, crunchy, and at times tubular romp of neuro-flavored dubstep that never takes itself too seriously. This track was partially designed top down, sample first with a heavy theme of poking fun at the NFT craze. We feel as though the tune captures the raw, silly, slightly ignorant side of bass music in a refreshing and impactful way and we hope that you do too!” – Dhananjaya

We can’t wait to hear what’s next from these two talents. What did you think of “Fungible Dub” by crawdad sniper and Dhananjaya? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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