Future bass prodigy and Grammy-nominated international superstar ILLENIUM releases his highly anticipated self-titled fifth studio album, consisting of sixteen unique tracks detailed by high-profile collaborators. Nick Miller refers to the ILLENIUM LP as his “core sound”, drawing inspiration from elements of rock and pop while holding true to his melodic dubstep origins.

After ILLENIUM’s Grammy-nominated album, Fallen Embers, reinstated his trailblazing influence on the world of electronic dance music, fans across the globe have been itching to see how the producer planned to innovate his sound once again. Joined by sensational collaborators like Wooli, Avril Lavigne, Travis Barker, JVKE, All Time Low, Said The Sky, and many more, the ILLENIUM LP is gearing up to be the most groundbreaking album yet from the production powerhouse.

ILLENIUM took to Instagram to expand upon his intentions with his upcoming album ahead of his Illenium Live tour:

“To me, a self-titled album is the core sound of who I am. I see this album and its story as a prequel to the Trilogy, where I get to explore my original musical inspirations and blend something that truly feels fresh. It’s made to be played live, with a band, and we’re bringing it on a world tour this summer/fall.” – ILLENIUM

The ILLENIUM Live tour will touch ground in North America, Europe, and Australia and boasts support from fan favorites like BlankeSVDDEN DEATH, Sullivan King, Whethan, IMANU, KREAM, and more. This new era of ILLENIUM is not one to miss and we cannot wait to see how this impressive project translates into a live show.

In addition, ILLENIUM has partnered with END OVERDOSE, a nonprofit organization that specializes in harm reduction and training Naloxone administration, an opioid overdose-reversing agent. Nick took to an Instagram live stream with END OVERDOSE earlier in the week for a training demo and general education course on spotting signs of an overdose before embarking on his worldwide tour.

The ILLENIUM LP opens up with “Starfall”, a grandiose solo track that is sure to give listeners goosebumps from the second they press play. In this song, ILLENIUM introduces his trademark synth work and effortlessly transitions the tone into an invigorating, bouncy drum and bass break detailed by pitched vocal chops.

A similar sonic approach is taken for another one of ILLENIUM’s solo tracks on the album, “I Want You 2 (Stay)”. The harmonious blend of drums and synths that these tracks exhibit further demonstrates that “core sound” that ILLENIUM intended to capture in this project, showcasing Nick’s solo effort capabilities.

“All That Really Matters,” alongside Teddy Swims, seamlessly succeeds the introduction, further maintaining the soul-stirring tone ILLENIUM instills early into the album. This lyrically heartfelt project was released as a single in July 2022, complete with a cinematic music video that has since garnered millions of views. The synergy between the symphonic elements and Swims’ vocals creates a build that ILLENIUM effectively harnesses and releases through his signature melodic drops.

Following this, “Worst Day,” with MAX, is another lead single for the LP that nods to ILLENIUM’s pop-oriented vocal anthems that fans have come to love. The pair first collaborated on ILLENIUM’s Awake album, back in 2017, for “Beautiful Creatures”, a consecrated ILLENIUM essential that continues to stand as a pillar within the respective artists’ discographies. Led by a catchy guitar riff, an upbeat drum line, and MAX’s irresistible vocals, “Worst Day” undoubtedly rises as an emotional festival singalong. This storytelling track has proven to enamor audiences that lucky fans got to experience when it was played live at ILLENIUM’s multi-day Ember Shores event.

ILLENIUM joins forces with the talented Skylar Grey, who is well known for her collaborations with Eminem and Dr. Dre, for “From The Ashes”, arguably Illenials’ favorite lead single from the album. Guided by Grey’s serene harmonies and angelic tones, “From The Ashes” incites nostalgia that brings core fans back to ASCEND-era tracks like “Sad Songs” or “That’s Why”. The uplifting bridge in “From The Ashes” allows ILLENIUM to shift from Skylar’s enchanting serenade into an explosive drum break at the crescendo. The pair reimplement this hypnotic sonic formula for a second verse that classifies the track as one of the most emotive collaborations on the ILLENIUM LP.

“Lifeline” featuring JXDN“Insanity” with American Teeth, and“Back To You” alongside All Time Low are the merger of ILLENIUM’s pop and rock influences. All three of these anthems bring the essence of 2000’s era pop-punk to the table, with guitar chords and angsty vocals as the propulsion force. As the prequel to his Trilogy series, this group of tunes digs their roots into ILLENIUM’s melodic rock influences in songwriting.

Transitioning into arguably the most major-league collaboration on the LP, “Eyes Wide Shut,” featuring punk legends Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker, is a star-studded piece of art that is sure to climb the electronic charts. With a saturated mix of pop flair and rockstar verve, the trio presents a timeless collaboration for listeners. Avril Lavigne’s nostalgic vocals and Travis Barker’s powerful drum control certainly make “Eyes Wide Shut” a standout banger on the ILLENIUM album.

Moving on, ILLENIUM demonstrates the heavier rock themes of his album in heaters like “Shivering” with Spiritbox and “Nothing Ever After” with Motionless In White, infusing elements of dubstep with gothic-style, post-punk rock. These burly songs are sure to translate into an impressive live show performance complete with a live band, lasers, and pyrotechnics. They make an ideal addition to the collection of ILLENIUM’s harder rock tracks, like “Story Of My Life” featuring Trippie Redd.

“You Were Right” is one of the most highly-anticipated efforts on this album, joined by dubstep phenom Wooli and vocal standout Grabbitz. This collaboration was teased almost two years ago at EDC Las Vegas, leaving fans wondering when they would get their hands on the track in full. Grabbitz takes the reigns with his distinctive tone, paving the way for Wooli and ILLENIUM to throw down a heartfelt, synth-saturated drop. “You Were Right” has multiple crescendoes within it and has already garnered hundreds of thousands of listens just within the first night of its release. This soundtrack-worthy anthem is undoubtedly going to have a chokehold on the festival scene and we could not be more excited about it!

“DRWN” acts as a calming interlude amongst the hardcore chaos of the ILLENIUM LP, placing a large focus on blending synths with airy vocal chops. This one is sure to be a tearjerker when it’s played out live on tour and is ILLENIUM’s most soothing solo piece within the project.

To close the album out, ILLENIUM opens up his vulnerable side through ballads like “Other Side” with Said The Sky and Vera Blue“With All My Heart” featuring JVKE, and“Luv Me A Little” with Nina Nesbitt. All of these tracks bring mainstream mastery to the table, proven by the past success working with these collaborators in “Walk Me Home” with Said The Sky and “golden hour” remix alongside JVKE and NURKO. All three of these anthems are reliant on compelling choruses, melodic arcs, and atmospheric drops to provide the ILLENIUM LP with impassioned pop anthems fans have come to love.

ILLENIUM’s self-titled fifth studio album has quite literally rocked fans to their core and we are so thrilled that this new era is just beginning. The ambitious producer has plenty of more surprises in store for fans as he gears up for his world tour to promote this beautifully crafted project.

What were your thoughts on ILLENIUM’s incredible self-titled album? Be sure to stream the project below and let us know down in the comments which track was your favorite!

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