Criso, formerly known as TYLR, has released a wicked new single on Wubaholics titled “Threat.” Hot on the heels of his Emerge EP, “Threat” is more proof that this up-and-comer simply doesn’t miss. Criso is a member of the Wavecraft Collective’s stacked roster and is one to watch in 2023 and beyond. Criso works in a broad spectrum of styles including dubstep, halftime, garage, and liquid DnB. His diverse abilities and technical prowess shines out from the crowd and sets him apart. If he produces insanely clean and tasteful tracks across genres this early in his career, we can’t wait to see what the future holds as he continues to grow and evolve.

“Threat” is a 140bpm heater from Criso. The intro is dark and ambient, with hard-hitting vocal samples and atmosphere galore. It teases the energy of the track, building the tension perfectly. The chorus features vocal samples, snappy drums, and tons of ear candy.  Not to mention basses that provide the thick, fuzzy, and warm sonic blanket we all need this winter season. His taste shines through once more, with each element perfectly positioned in the mix. Everything in the track needs to be there. This is one of the most difficult things to learn, and Criso is already a master of this side of production.

The middle section keeps the rhythm going, which is perfect for a live performance. The second chorus features tasteful switch ups in the bass pattern and excellent use of the incredibly dope vocal sample. Criso’s bass design and mixing is second to none, so if you enjoy dipping into a warm pool of low frequency energy, “Threat” is right up your alley.

Here is what Criso had to say about his newest work:

“This track has been a long time coming, and no better than to have it released with the team over at Wubaholics. I wanted something that was gonna shake subs and move heads, so I hope to see that come to fruition!” – Criso

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