Liquid Stanger’s SSKWAN label unveils “Synergy,” an innovative, emotive downtempo compilation album featuring a vibrant collection of talented artists, many of whom are known for more uptempo energy. It was great seeing these artists break out of their typical style to push the genre forward and, in many cases, show a side of themselves that they’ve been holding back up until now. The compilation features 21 tracks, so while we will not cover all of them, be sure to set some time aside to enjoy this beautiful collage of styles and support the artists involved! The tracks we did cover are just a few of our personal favorites from artists our readers may not yet be familiar with.

First, let’s talk about Common Creation’s“Sonic Sugar.”  Common Creation has been a fun act to watch, continuously impressing our staff with his funk-inspired beats and unique blend of inspirations. It’s great to see him on a label like SSKWAN, and his contribution to “Synergy” is a gorgeous, psychadelic journey. Sweeping soundscapes, looming basslines, and ethereal beats blend with his penchant for crafting a groove in the most satisfying way. This is a top-notch production, and easily one of my favorites on the collection.

Next we’ll discuss “Livity,” a collaboration from illoh and UNKNWN. I’ve been a huge fan of illoh since his set at Sound Haven last summer, and UNKNWN has been on my radar since his “Mysterium” EP dropped on Wavecraft Collective last February. Their last collab “Amethyst Forest,” released by our friends over at Wubaholics, was a staple in my rotation throughout 2022. Both artists are known for their deep basses, ambient atmospheres, and use of organic textures, and “Livity” is a shining example of these two up-and-comers in peak form. Sounds from nature provide a backdrop to some INSANE basslines, snappy drums, and tasteful use of ear candy. I’d expect nothing less from these guys, and I hope our readers will do themselves the favor of exploring their catalogues.

Finally, we’ll hit “Spider’s Realm” from Sharlitz Web. I was introduced to Sharlitz Web’s music by Elderbass, a good friend of the blog (and an amazing producer), and immediately fell in love with the world she weaves with her art. While she’s always utilized ethereal soundscapes to craft atmosphere,“Spider’s Realm” is a perfect showcase of her melodic abilities. The track is built from ambient vocals, clean percussion, ringing basses, glittering synth lines, and ear candy galore. She blends each element together masterfully, resulting in a brooding, haunting, and introspective sonic experience. Make sure to check out her other stuff as well, including “Spider Lily” a recent EP also released on SSKWAN. You won’t be disappointed!

Each and every work that SSKWAN curated for the stunning “Synergy” compilation was a hit. I cannot stress enough how much we recommend you dive into it headfirst. Ravenscoon, Luzcid, Jaenga, Canabliss, Tripp St, and all of the others involved created so much great music for this, and all comes together for an amazing listener experience from start to finish. We couldn’t include every artist’s thoughts on the project, but Sharlitz Web summed it up perfectly:

“I wanted to create a world where you could step into something new and unfamiliar but also the deeper you went, the more it felt like home.” – Sharlitz Web

What was your favorite track from SSKWAN’s “Synergy”? We would love to hear from you about your favorites on our socials or down below in the comments!

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