Pull up your astrology charts, in “WWYB3″ (Wait, What’s Your Big 3), Zingara, Austeria, and Miracle bring the party to the zodiac for a one-of-a-kind, femme fatale collaboration.

As one of the most highly-talked-about IDs from Okeechobee Music Festival, this iconic collaboration had bass-loving astrology fanatics losing their minds. With Miracle’s cheeky vocals playing off of horoscope stereotypes, the three ladies create a sassy bass-house tune that will surely become a festival favorite.

Zingara started 2023 with a bang, building upon the momentum from her wildly successful 2022 Astra Tour. Just three months into the year, her other-worldly vibrations have enchanted the masses at Envision Festival and Okeechobee Music Festival, building the Maryland native’s fanbase even more. Zingara now prepares to embark on her Astra II: Into The Mirror Tour through the springtime and we are itching to hear how she intends to continue pushing the boundaries of freeform bass music.

Fellow Marylander, Austeria, entered the year full-throttle, throwing down her infectious bangers across the nation on Subtronics‘ insane ANTIFRACTALS Tour. This year, the dubstep powerhouse already has plans to play Moonrise Festival for the second year in a row and also join Boogie T at his 2023 Red Rocks show, “Boogie T On The Rocks II”. Austeria’s collaborations with Zingara, “Atropos,” “Lakhesis” and “Clotho” from their Sisters of Fate EP have become a staple in her discography, promising listeners bass-heavy heaters whenever these two queens put their brilliant production minds together. The two also collaborated on CloZee‘s Odyzey label for their track, “Book of Vizhanti.”

In “WWYB3”, the three self-proclaimed “Astro Girlies” wholly embody the essence of the popularized “horoscope culture” that has penetrated our society. An irresistible four-on-the-floor bass-house beat sets the tone out of the gate before Miracle’s audacious vocals ensue a rant about non-believers of the zodiac. Before the beat break, the point of contention is posed: “Wait, what’s your big three?” After all, who doesn’t know their sun, moon, and rising signs these days?

Zingara and Austeria maintain the bouncy 125 bpm bass while integrating their trademark revving dubs with percussive elements. During half-time breaks, they take digs at every horoscope in the book; “not me crying, Cancer things” and “I know you’re a Taurus, but go with the flow!” The conversational nature of this tune increases its relatability and solidifies it as a certified crowd-pleaser. As the track progresses, the “Astro Girlies” bring even grittier bass to the table, ensuring that “WWYB3” is one of the filthiest tracks fans have heard all year.

Here is what Zingara and Austeria had to say about “WWYB3”:

“One day I got a text from Emma/Miracle saying she thought WWYB3 would be a good song title and my response was that it must be a house track. We’ve made several songs together, so we always text when we have new ideas pop into our heads, and save it for when the time is right. When the three of us were together last July, we decided it was the perfect time to start it. We wanted it to be funny and played with some astrology stereotypes. Everything flowed and as we kept writing the song, more ideas developed into the storyline it is now. It’s all in good fun and we wanted to share it with the world.” Zingara & Austeria

What did you think of Zingara, Austeria, and Miracle’s epic collab, “WWYB3”? Stream the track below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can also peep Zingara’s HIHF guest mix here and AUSTERIA’s here.

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