One name we’ve been keeping a close eye on since the start of 2023 is Ooga. Ever since the release of his unreleased 2023 showcase mix in December, this production wizard has been quickly turning heads in the underground bass music community. The unique combination of his funky rhythms, sense-tingling sound design and crisp, punchy drums has fans everywhere wanting more. Today, he released his debut What Makes It Work EP, a masterpiece in production that will keep you moving and grooving on any dance floor.

It’s already been quite the year for Ooga and we’re not even in April yet. In January, he was part of a massive show at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver that included fellow production masterminds Mickman, Schmoop and Arcturus. Fans were buzzing after this show, commenting on Ooga’s unmatched stage presence and energy, and how it properly set the tone for the night. He followed this up a month later in Chicago, joining Mickman again for a two-night run alongside several big-brain talents like Relativity Lounge, Chez, and Easyjack.

Ooga will be carrying this great momentum with him into festival season. Having already headlined Umbrella Weekend in California with HIHF-favorite Chef Boyarbeatz, Ooga has also locked in some incredible bookings at The Untz Festival as well as Lightning in a Bottle. Fans will be able to witness his special blend of groove, mixing, and live instrumentation in some cases. His talents extend far beyond just Ableton and throwing down on CDJs; he’ll often incorporate some live, face-melting electric guitar solos into his performances. Outside of producing and playing shows, he is also one of the most vocal advocates for hearing protection on social media. Check out 1of1 Custom, a custom earplugs company that has been providing a variety of solutions for hearing protection since 2011 – Ooga is the Los Angeles rep!

If there’s anything we learned from Ooga’s unreleased showcase mix, it’s that his limits know no bounds. This is clearly evident in the What Makes It Work EP. Beginning with the title track, “What Makes It Work”, which was released a week earlier, we soon realize that Ooga is not messing around at all. The genius use of a Rick Rubin sample knits this brilliant track together, allowing his production prowess to be on full display with insane grooves, cheeky subtleties throughout, and refreshingly clean drum patterns. This head-nodding, hip-shaker of a tune is the perfect way to kick off this EP.

Moving into the second track “Funkert”, we are introduced to Ooga’s guitar skills. The faster tempo and addictive bass lines set the stage for his incredible shredding. I also love how he brings back the Rick Rubin sample, almost guiding us through this EP with some wisdom. This one will have your feet sore by the end and I promise you will not stop moving. The EP closes out with “Rawthentic”, a beautiful outro track that can only be described as a serenade of pleasantries. Not only are his guitar skills impressive, but the way he’s able to mesh everything else in the track together to create this wonderful cohesion leaves listeners wondering what just hit their ear drums.

We are looking forward to following Ooga’s journey throughout 2023 and beyond! What did you think of the What Makes It Work EP by Ooga? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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