Austin, TX dubstep guru and label head of the acclaimed WiddFam electronic music label Yoni Oron, better known to the bass community as The Widdler, is back with another monstrous EP, No SleepThis six-track EP features his signature ominous style of sinister soundwaves with deep grungy 140 bpm bangers. 

Oron’s musical genius began at a young age and has since risen to stardom with an extensive discography released on renowned bass labels like Deep Dark & DangerousSub.missionDank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz, and his own community-driven label The WiddFam. On top of a long list of fire releases, he has supported artists like CaspaExcision, and Truth, and performed at some of the most iconic festivals including InfrasoundWakaan, and Okeechobee

The WiddFam includes some of the most innovative and boundary-pushing up-and-comers including LitaLotusMikrodotLavier, and SerpentEyes. With an uncompromising dedication to quality and commitment to exploring the cutting edge of underground music, WiddFam continues to make waves in the bass community. 

The No Sleep EP kicks off with the title track. For fans of hard-hitting basslines and intricate percussion, this one is destined to keep you up at night, stuck in your head like none other. A sinister voice reminds you of your fate as you fall deeper into the dark realm of deep dub. 

You then find yourself in solus as The Widdler transitions into “Isolation.” It follows the path of “No Sleep” with a deep dubstep sound paired with fast-paced snares fading in and out as the foreboding bass ebbs and flows through your speakers. 

“Cosmic Darkness” is a production masterpiece. If you have scotophobia, aka the common fear of the dark, this one just might chill you to the bone. The sound design is an impressive feat with a labyrinth of ornate notes reverberating to create an extraterrestrial soundscape bringing listeners deeper into the abyss.

You find yourself lost in thought as The Widdler takes you into “Rumination.” Its simplistic synths create a sense of perturbation as you feel a menacing presence making its way through the thunderstorm closing in on you.

No Sleep veers off course slightly with “I’m Sorry.” Fusing elements of deep dub with garage, The Widdler fabricates a lush atmosphere with its uptempo UK sound. “I’m Sorry” brings forth a sense of serenity and gives off major CloZee vibes. It’s a thoroughly pleasant harmonization leading into the closing track, “Drugs.”

The Widdler crowns the EP with his highly anticipated dubplate “Drugs.” This has been an extremely popular choice among artists in the deep dubstep world, being rinsed in sets across the genre for quite some time. Its ambient structure creates a tranquil undertone that beautifully consummates No Sleep. 

No Sleep EP is an intoxicating addition to both The Widdler and WiddFam’s discography. This has become one of my favorites release by the don of deep dubstep and will certainly be on repeat for quite some time. 

The Widdler has an exciting year lined up with a long list of upcoming performances including InfrasoundBass Canyon, and opening up for the legends Ganja White Night at Wobble Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia

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