Colorado’s staple bass festival, Sonic Bloom, gathers music lovers from all across the United States to gather at the beautiful Hummingbird Ranch. Each year, highlighting talent from different genres and artists that are more well-known, as well as smaller names doing big things with their sound.

This year’s lineup is once again a noteworthy one, with ridiculous talent from the headliners all the way to the undercard names. Artists like KOAN Sound, Alix Perez, Sicaria Sound, Dirtwire, Sunsquabi, Chmura, Josh Teed, Yoko, and many more will be gracing the multiple stages at the beloved festival.

With the addition of phase two and even more talent, this festival and lineup are clearly something to talk about. New names added include A Hundred Drums, ST4RFOX, Comisar, Shiloh, Miraja, 3420, and a handful more. I was lucky enough to attend Unified Field, a pre-party at Cervantes at the end of April, to kick off the festivities and really get the excitement going.

The pre-party hosted G-Space Live, Vide, Zone Drum + ST4RFOX, Ruku, Black Wolf Sound, and more. With both rooms and the patio taken over (for a special silent disco + vendors), it really felt like we were already at Hummingbird Ranch. Being immersed in all the art, music, and attendees really opened my eyes to everything we’d be experiencing in June; a plethora of talent and sound.

The weather is likely to be hot this June and the sets are going to be even hotter With such a versatile lineup, we decided to compile a list of some artists we recommend everyone catches this year.

Alix Perez

Photo Credit: Bass Portal

Alix Perez is a well-respected tastemaker amongst fans that needs no introduction, for the name itself always stirs up excitement. His ability to create an array of different genres, from emotive DnB heaters, to low-end, bass-infused tracks that shake any system they touch, Alix Perez has always been a favorite amongst the heads. On top of his own solo project, he also runs 1985 Music and is half of the Shades duo with his pal Eprom.

This year, he will be gracing fans at Sonic Bloom with a solo set, which only happened for the first time in Colorado last year, where he played The Black Box and Sugarkube. So not only are we getting a solo set, but a solo set at a festival. We can only imagine what he has up his sleeve and we cannot wait to witness the madness that’s about to unfold.


Josh Teed

photo credit: covert perspective

Josh Teed has been making waves in the scene, and rightfully so while bringing something fresh into everything he does. His ability to blend the violin into sets and production has made him a sought-after artist to see and play alongside. For anyone just getting into his music, make sure to listen to his projects Recurring Dreams, The Journey East, and “The Jungle,” to get a little taste of everything he’s all about.

Recently, he announced he’d be support for Dirtwire at the beloved Mishawaka Amphitheater in Bellevue, Colorado. For anyone unable to make the Mish show, believe us when we say you don’t want to miss his set at Sonic Bloom. His sound is meant for a venue like that, and we know it’ll be one we won’t forget. Josh Teed + nature = magic.


Photo Credit: landbear

Watching Yoko gain the traction and attention she has is an incredible feeling. The energy she brings to her sets and music has quickly made her an artist you really cannot get enough of. With a recent set at DEF alongside Hamdi, Grail Sounds, and Zen Selekta, it’s quite clear Yoko is meant to spread her passion with the world. No matter what she does or where she’s doing it, she always brings her bright spirit and energy with her. Which only makes sense why she’s been landing slots at premiere bass festivals like Untz, and of course, Sonic Bloom.

Get your stretches in ahead of her set, because believe us, you won’t be able to stop moving. Check out her recent mix with us to get a little feel of what to expect at Hummingbird Ranch in June.


Photo Credit: Wingtip Studios

CANVAS is an all around badass and an absolute must-see for this year’s bloom at the Odyzey takeover. She’s made a name for herself with her own coined genre, knows as “Gut Music,” bringing new layers to the emotions and feelings that come through sound. She has an arsenal of releases with labels + companies like The Untz, Deep, Dark, and Dangerous, Do Yu Digital and has graced stages with DEF Global, The Black Box, and so many more. Furthermore, she continues to push those unique frequencies, carving out a bright future with each and every step.

Last month, she released a massive forty-four-minute guest mix with DDD, showing everything and more that the CANVAS project is bringing to the table. Make sure to give it a listen and get just a taste of what’s to come for her set in June.


Morning Coffee

Photo Credit: Malakai

Morning Coffee consists of the brilliant minds behind the parkbreezy and pheel. projects. The all:Lo crew members have been blessing brunch box sets in Denver, and more recently, other festivals around the U.S. like Tipper and Friends and Submersion. Their smooth, hip-hop, lofi inspired beats are all about those low frequency sounds and smooth, chill vibes.

They have three Morning Coffee mixes up on SoundCloud, each one bringing a different type of feel, but each one the perfect way to kick-start a day and uplift a mood. They deserve all the recognition they’ve been getting, and that’s why we think they are an absolute must-see at Sonic Bloom. It’s the perfect type of sound for a summer festival with a gorgeous setting.



Hyroglifics is a force to be reckoned with and the mere fact the states are going to be blessed with a set from him is something truly special. While he’s known for his dance floor igniting, DnB heaters, he also has an uncanny ability to create music outside that realm as well. A staple part of Critical Music with releases like I’ll Wait, I Guess, and countless slots as a monthly resident for them via Bristol’s SWU.FM, this brilliant mind is one of the most talented producers AND DJs out there today.

While his sound has deep roots in DnB, Hyroglifics never confines himself to just one box and also blends dynamic, deep bass frequencies amongst his creations. For anyone who’s a fan of those UK sounds, do not miss his set. It’s sure to be one to remember for years to come as one of the best sets of Sonic Bloom 2023.


Entangled Mind

Photo Credit: _jpott

Entangled Mind is a storyteller of sound, weaving intricate and unique styles into a web of moving frequencies. She’s part of The Rust family and has had a special place amongst the Tipper and Friends community as well. With music that spans multiple genres like future garage, bass, and downtempo, Entangled Mind always impresses with every set, mix, and track that’s released. The possibilities are endless with her project.

Seeing her on the bill for Sonic Bloom is super exciting and we know she’s going to have something extra special up her sleeves. Make sure to add her to your list of must-see artists this year!


KOAN Sound

Photo Credit: KōLAB Studios x Koury Vindaloo

Hailing from the UK is none other than a duo most bass fans know and love, KOAN Sound! These two have been on the scene for decades and have a collection of all sorts of tracks that provoke all sorts of different emotions and feelings. There are earlier projects like The Adventures Of Mr. Fox, Sanctuary, Dynasty, and Polychrome, and newer ones like Silk Wave, and Chronos, each of these staying true to their unique soundscapes while also adding new layers and flavors to that OG KOAN Sound styling.

The thought of dancing in the sun and soaking in those sweet frequencies from KOAN Sound has us over the moon with excitement. For the energy that comes from witnessing a KOAN Sound set is something truly special.


Maddy O’Neal

Photo Credit: mattwinkelmeyer

Maddy O’Neal is sunshine in human form. This funky bass queen is going to rock the stage at Sonic Bloom. Her music is the perfect blend of soulful, flavorful frequencies that make you smile and want to groove from the moment they enter your ears to far after it’s over. It’s been such a killer feeling seeing her landing spots at festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo and Sonic Bloom.

We know her set is going to be an atmospheric adventure through her brilliant mind under that Colorado sun. June is right around the corner and we cannot wait to be grooving to her sounds so very soon!


Motifv photographed by @_johnverwey at Cervantes Denver

Motfiv has been one to watch (and listen to) since his emergence into the bass music scene. Quickly making a name for himself with feel-good, emotional tracks like “Knock Knock,” “Must Be Love” and his sophomore project Dilated Mind, it’s clear he was meant to create. The Motifv sounds can range from funky and bass-fueled, to sweet, warm, and fuzzy, like a hug on a summer day.

Without a doubt, Motifv is meant to be at a festival like Sonic Bloom, the scenery and his sounds blending together are going to make for something really special. We cannot wait to be engulfed in nature for this epic performance from the rising star!

There are so many other artists that we’re looking forward to seeing as well as the ones mentioned above, and we know that list will only grow once Phase Three is announced.  It’s such a diverse lineup with something for everyone, we cannot wait to be out at Hummingbird Ranch next month dancing with all of you!

What sets are you most excited to catch? Let us know down below in the comments!

Tickets and more information are on the Sonic Bloom website.

Header photo from mattwinkelmeyer

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