SVMMIE, formerly known to the dubstep world as Freakmeowt, is returning with new music from her project today in the form of a HIHF guest mix.

She’s teamed up with big bass names like Crizzly in the past and has huge things to come in the future. We are ecstatic to have her on board for volume 116 of the HIHF guest mix series!

On SVMMIE’s new HIHF guest mix, she’s bringing out all of the stops! The mix is jam-packed with bass-face-inducing bangers from the likes of Tape B, Smoakland, MYTHM, FloZone, Eater, and, of course, tons of firepower from SVMMIE herself.

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Eater – The Cell

Space Hostage – Disentr

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Elderbass Remix)

SVMMIE – Come Find Us 

Just John – Take Notes

Dêtre – Marauder

Wonky Willa – LONDEE

KRILLA – Hypnotic

SVMMIE – too far gone

MYTHM – Brutalist 


TENZUH – Murda


Skudd – Octane 

Galantis – In My Head (Tape B remix) 


Aliens (Mind Splitter Flip)

Flozone – acid 

Skrillex – RATATA (Bawdy Flip)

Bassface – Hypnoampibian (SVMMIE REMIX)

DJ R0WL3N – Distorted Lattice

Lyny – Noxious (SVMMIE flip)

Volt – Invasion


Hydraulix x SWRVO – Ghostface 

Romeo – 222:Call On Me 

Beach Weather – Sex,Drugs,Etc. (xotix flip)

Midnight City (VRG EDIT)

Ozzy Osborne – Crazy Train (Alien mock flip)

Yookie x Hydraulix – Game Over

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