Watashi’s new song “Shiva,” featuring prominent Dessi singer Akasha Rec and coming off the label TIMEWHEEL, elegantly ties heavy bass sounds, club rhythms, and more traditional Indian music.

The result is a track that is as fun and fresh to listen to as it is accessible to fans of any genre. The modern electronic sound design works well with the sounds of the Indian stringed instrument, the Sitar, making this one a global bass phenomenon that will undoubtedly pop off on the dance floor. 

The song starts with the distinctive sound of the Sitar accompanied by some equally distinctive hand percussion. The beat is very much club and hip-hop-inspired, a slowed-down twerkable 808 rhythm syncopates with the bassline and almost provides a pop vibe when the vocals come in.

I enjoyed how the song started as an instrumental, only really introducing the incredible voice of Akasha Rec after the first drop. This sense of restraint allowed the lush hand perc and vocals to shine throughout the song.

Shiva is a testament to how powerful Global Bass music is in utilizing modern production and more traditional musical elements. You can feel the roots of the sound spread out and it leaves you hoping for more bass music with culturally rich inspirations. Luckily, TIMEWHEEL is dedicated to supporting these kinds of artists so check their releases out for more Global Bass delicacies. 

Let us know what you enjoyed about this global fusion from Watashi down in the comments below!

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