The seasons are officially changing and that means there’s some epic music to follow. With NYE lineups starting to drop in cities all over the country, the Mid Atlantic is preparing for one final camping festival gathering before we pack it in for the winter. That gathering is Autumn Revival: a celebration of community, music, art, and learning.

Taking place at the midpoint between the fall equinox and winter solstice, Autumn Revival is a two-day music and arts camping festival located at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, MD that runs November 3rd & 4th. It should be noted, however, that the festival added early arrival for Thursday, November 2nd, so that attendees can get situated a day early before the event truly gets underway.

The three groups behind this year’s event — Good Productions (Baltimore, MD), Rhythm City Collective (Richmond, VA), and Kouch Kollective (Charlotte, NC) — came together with the same mission in mind: to bring people together through intentionally-curated events in which quality and experience are put above all else. Simply put, these three groups are ready to deliver something spectacular for this year’s event to make sure that the attendee experience comes first. Let’s take a deeper dive into what festival attendees can expect from next weekend’s intimate Fall gathering:

A Lineup Featuring Bass Music Excellence

Autumn Revival is bringing an action-packed lineup full of HIHF-favorites as well as notable up-and-comers. Taking a look at this year’s flyer, you’ll notice some notable heavy hitters right off the bat like GoopsteppaTiedye Ky, Esseks, Keota, Josh Teed, and Alejo. Don’t order yet, though, as there is an absolute goldmine of talent in the undercards.

Perhaps you want to get down to the jaw-dropping, sound design wizardry of names like crawdad sniperSol Good and Inspect3r. Maybe you’re looking to check out some fire sets from HIHF guest mix alums Lavier, Raychill Sound and JAMiAM. Or maybe you are on a mission to discover some new names — additional sets that we will have our eyes on include FREQ, Rafeeki, Mantra Sounds, Shreztah b2b Dhananjaya, RyLø, Ramblur, and Jack The Giant. This lineup is stacked from top to bottom.

Big names on a lineup call for big sound, and that’s exactly what Autumn Revival is bringing to their Mainstage at The Barn this year with the help of Danley Sound Labs via the folks at The Sound Live (TSL). No matter what you are looking for, Autumn Revival has checked off that box. The curation not only represents the beautiful, wide range of underground bass music that exists today, but it’s that same diversity in sound that allows each artist to shine and present their projects to the fullest. We’re looking forward to some epic sets!

Familiar Location, Intimate Updates

Tucked away in the northeast corner of Maryland right next to the Susquehanna River is Camp Ramblewood, a venue that has been home to a number of festivals and events over the years. Camp Ramblewood is the perfect setting for Autumn Revival’s mission. Whereas previous events have utilized most of the venue’s space, Autumn Revival is shrinking the map just a tad to give attendees the ideal combination of walkability, activity, beautiful Fall scenes and no sets missed.

The two stages — The Barn and The Pavilion — are about a five-minute walk from each other. Not only that, but they are both covered, meaning music will be able to go on rain or shine. The Pavilion will be the featured “day-time” stage, with music running from about Noon to 5:45pm each day. When attendees make their way over to The Barn, they will first be greeted by several dancers from the group Kinetic Spinners, who will be performing a sunset fire dance each evening before the Mainstage music goes late into the night.

Several cabins just to the north of the stages and camping areas throughout the venue create an immersive camping experience that brings the festival together as one big community, where everyone gets to simultaneously enjoy what’s being offered. Autumn Revival is also adding some cozy Fall touches to the venue with the additions of a Tea House situated right next to the central Town Square, offering free tea as well as health and wellness workshops throughout the weekend; a Lakeside Bonfire area that’s perfect for S’mores and staying warm; art installations throughout the venue; and a space called “The Burrow”, which is a family room area that will have movies, snacks, and more.

Despite all of these incredible features, what sets Camp Ramblewood apart from the rest is the availability of running water. All toilets on site will be indoor and flushable, while all attendees will also have free access to showers throughout the weekend. On top of that, water stations will be strategically placed throughout the campgrounds to keep everyone hydrated.

Check out the official festival map below!

Workshops & Activities, Galore!

Autumn Revival is going above and beyond with the amount of workshops and activities that are being offered to festival attendees. No matter the time of day, there is truly something for everyone to do. Do you want to learn Kendama? Join the Sweets Kendama Jams on both Friday and Saturday. Do you want to participate in Yoga? There will be several different sessions throughout the weekend. Do you want to learn the secret sauce of music production? Keota and Sol Good are running a 90-minute bass music and theory workshop on Saturday. Do you want to unwind to some poetry? DiCE MaN has got you covered with an hour-long poetry workshop. Family BBQ? Yes. Late night S’mores by the lake? Next question. You really can’t go wrong in this Fall-themed, choose-your-own-adventure extravaganza.

Not only is there a ton of stuff to do each day, but each night is specifically catered to a different theme. Friday night’s theme is “Woodland Creatures” — this includes spirits, nymphs, animals and gnomes. Saturday night’s theme is “Onesie Party” — it’s going to get real cozy on the dance floor. What a great idea. With Halloween occurring earlier in the week, Autumn Revival is giving attendees the opportunity to keep the post-Halloween, spooky season vibes high all weekend.

Check out the full schedule of workshops and activities below!

Community, Community, Community

The three-way partnership between Good Productions, Rhythm City Collective, and Kouch Kollective highlights the importance of community in today’s festival landscape. This year, especially, we’ve seen festivals have to postpone until 2024 or even shut down completely due to significantly high expenses. We’ve also seen what happens when festivals choose to ignore these high expenses and completely cut corners to allow the show to go on. Despite some of the dark times that festivals have faced this year, Autumn Revival is a bright spot that’s ready to show what can happen when multiple communities come together for the people and celebrate a shared passion for music.

Here’s what each group has to say about what next weekend’s gathering means for the community:

“Autumn Revival is the coming together of close friends and collaborators to show the community what we are capable of when we work together rather than against each other.” – Zack Poe, Kouch Kollective

“Autumn Revival was born out of a desire and a need to be together – to celebrate community and to gather one last time before winter settles in. Community is at our core, all three of us – Good Productions, Rhythm City and Kouch, are here, creating this magical experience because we love our community. We know it’s special and we want to make sure to do our part to keep the underground scene alive and well. We care so deeply about people’s experiences and we cannot wait to show you everything we’ve put into this. There’s so much to experience at Revival – from the lakeside bonfire art installations, to the curated workshop schedule to enjoy through the day, to beautifully presented stages of music and art, delicious food and beverages to match our favorite fall weather, and places to play and explore and be a kid again. We want you to participate as fully as possible – make a new friend, learn a new skill, and dance to your hearts delight.” – Nathalie Werebe, Good Productions

“It means everything! Each of us on the team is extremely passionate about creating unique spaces – spaces for people to gather and play and make new friends and have new experiences. Maybe even to discover something new about themselves. We all found each other through a love of music, but festivals can be so much more than just a display of art and music, which is why we have an extensive workshop and activity schedule! We want people to come and have fun, of course, but we also want people to experience new things and to discover a sense of community that’s rooted not only in a love of music, but also as a way of seeing the world as an open playground. A place where it’s okay to be as weird and creative as you want, and to pursue whatever passions and interests make you happy. This culture is home to an infectious level of kindness and weirdness that deserves to be celebrated and embraced!” – Solon Bowden, Good Productions

“Autumn Revival is the celebration of friends, family, and independent music culture to its fullest degree. To me, it’s the pinnacle of the tireless effort and consistency that it’s taken over the years to help shape our scene into what it is today. The result of never giving in to the money or the mainstream, and staying true to the underground music that we know and love. A festival is like the Mecca of music culture. It’s where like-minded individuals go to feel free, create, and connect with one another. We have always been about intentional, well-curated events; but a festival truly allows us to host an experience where our values can be fully expressed and received. Festivals are also massive endeavors to undertake, and I’ve seen them go wrong so many times, so it only makes sense to pair with other companies that share the same ethos and determination to bring the vision to life. Good Productions and Kouch Kollective are some of the best in the game, and choose experience over profit every time.” – Ross Major, Rhythm City Collective

Make no mistake about it, this is going to be a very special event. Tickets for Autumn Revival can be found here.

Let us know in the comments below or on our social media if you’ll be attending Autumn Revival next weekend and who you’re most excited to see!

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