The earth quaked as two devilish lords of sonic chaos, SVDDEN DEATH and MARAUDA, collided on their long-awaited diabolical collaboration, “Peanut Butter,” through Malignant Music. This track’s lifeblood is fueled by these titans’ mutual ability to tap into the dark dimension of brutal power and engulf listeners in their wicked soundscapes. “Peanut Butter” showcases both legendary artists’ malevolent sound design styles in perfect harmonic balances in this infectious neck-breaking new anthem.

When it comes to hot streaks, SVDDEN DEATH’s career has been an undeniable, unstoppable wildfire over the past few years. Not only has the ghoulish producer continuously packed out venues across the country but he has also dabbled into all sides of the electronic music world from his awe-inspiring fire-breathing VOYD performances to his boundary-pushing Deadroom project. SVDDEN DEATH makes sure to keep his ever-expanding fan base on their toes, never knowing what the Bay-area native will pull out of his wretched bag of tricks. With his home-grown Summoning Festival finishing up its second year and three new projects on the way, including his Harbinger EP releasing in a couple of days, SVDDEN DEATH has been working non-stop to give his massive following his best work. Admirably, following in the footsteps of GRiZ, he recently canceled his fall HARBINGER tour to not only focus on his endless ongoing active projects but also to take time to focus on his mental health. A difficult decision for any artist but nonetheless a necessary one to ensure that he can continue giving his devoted fan base his best work.

Since the beginning of his career, MARAUDA has been seen as one the leading forces of the deathstep sub-genre, and it is crystal clear why. Entering the scene at seventeen contributing to notorious labels such as Never Say Die Records and Crowsnest Audio, shaped his maniacal production into the serrated edge it is known as today. Five years later, the Australian producer leads the charge with his solo imprint Malignant Music, paving the way for up-and-coming deathstep-favoring artists to bring their hellish sound to the public eye. As we inch closer to the start of a new year MARAUDA steamrolls towards the next big steps in his career with his ongoing REALM OF THE DAMNED tour and a three-track EP, CROWN OF TORMENT, on the way. In a few short days, MARAUDA will mark his second appearance at the infamous venue, Mission Ballroom Denver, sure to be a monumental moment for the still-young producing phenom.  

When you think of juggernauts in the darker realms of production these two producers are the propelling forces amongst fans and artists alike. Nothing could have prepared the world for the malicious sound play that would be birthed from a SVDDEN DEATH and MARAUDA collaboration and now that it is unleashed many of us are still left in disbelief. “Peanut Butter” holds nothing back when it comes to its raw sonic brutality as listeners are assaulted by one of the heaviest releases of the year. 

The intro slowly draws you into a melodious harmony before transporting us to a desolate world of unrelenting inferno, accompanied by an energizing breakdown beat and vocals declaring ‘we are the lost souls bound to fall’. As the initial explosive drop commences, a hellscape of rapid-fire synths and a gruesome bassline engulf listeners in their world of headbanging euphoria. The contrast of the stuttering, heart-pounding background beat accompanies a steady, heavy-hitting iconic bass effect that will awaken the inner mosher in anyone who falls prey to this track’s infectious melody. A short bridge allows fans to enjoy a short breather before being thrown into the project’s second insanely vicious climax. “Peanut Butter'”s versatility and mastery is a shining example of why this precious collaboration is so significant. Both producers tap into their seasoned wheelhouse of production prowess to showcase the destructive capability of combining their forces. If there is anything to take away from this unforgiving masterpiece it is that we hope to see SVDDEN DEATH and MARAUDA collude on more joint efforts in the near future.

How are you feeling after being rocked by SVDDEN DEATH and MARAUDA’s first collaboration “Peanut Butter?” Check out the track below and let us know how your neck is feeling in the comments!

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