Grady Bergin, better known to the dance music world as G-Space, is returning to his fans with a voyage of a new album.

After a massive 2020 filled with headlining live streams and collaborating with fellow bass behemoths Dirt Monkey, SubDocta, sfam, Eazybaked, and Mystic Grizzley, this up-and-coming producer/singer/songwriter/pianist is a bomb that is set to blow up VERY soon.

If you caught his afternoon set at Okeechobee Festival’s Aquachobee stage (which for many was the last festival before the pandemic), you know how wild his live sets can be! That crowd was going off.

He also appeared on the debut compilation album from Subtronics’ Cyclops Recordings, which aims to spotlight underground bass talent. His collaboration with Cavemen, “On The Block”, was our favorite tune off the entire release.

Today, we had the opportunity to chat with G-Space about his brand new album “The Path of Least Resistance”. This album plays as much more of an indie album, with G-Space asking fans if “we can stop the hate, despite our differences?” on the first track, aptly titled “Differences”. TPOLP features G-Space’s own vocals and piano prowess and spans loads of sub-genres. On “The Road Is So Cold”, he even dabbles with some Country-esque Folk.

The project as a whole includes features from friends of G-Space: TiedyeKy, Ruku, Miss Tiddy (aka EDM photog extraordinaire Tessa Paisan), Uncle Mike, and the late great lyricist Pipus.

“Solstice” features both bass and classical elements and is sure to be a favorite for downtempo fans. Once that violin comes in you’ll be vibing for certain.

“Years Ago” tickles the fancy of Hyperpop fans, exemplifying yet again G-Space’s versatility. Featuring deep and gritty vocals, loads of autotune, and an infectious guitar solo throughout, this is sure to be a standout, appealing to many fans across both the EDM scene and the average listener.

“G-Shuffle” flexes G-Space’s production chops and brings fans that vivid bass atmosphere they yearn for nowadays and is a certified banger.

The album closes out with a beautiful final effort, “Plasma”. G-Space once again shows off that slower side of his abilities while crafting this synth and pluck-led anthem. Make sure you don’t zone off too much while bumping this closing piece.

Does this man even have a comfort zone? He basically switched up the vibe on every single track!

Scroll down for our exclusive conversation with G-Space below and let us know your favorite tune off the new project down in the comments.

You can also catch the live stream album celebration event on G-Space’s Twitch channel later today, it will lead right into SuperTask‘s new album stream and if you have time you should definitely check it out!

H: Who are some of your musical inspirations? What about artists that got you into the electronic scene?

G: I’m inspired by the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Pretty Lights, tiedye ky, snarky puppy, lab group, lost dogz, tsuruda, Boogie T, Subtronics, Of The Trees, and Flume to name a few

H: What about specific inspirations for your new album “The Path of Least Resistance”?

G: tiedye ky inspired me to start singing and play guitar more. I was at home visiting my family last Summer and pretty uninspired, and my main outlet became playing my mom’s acoustic guitar.

H: What do you want fans to know about “The Path of Least Resistance”?

G: This album is about following your heart, it is the path of least resistance. That is when magical synchronicities start to happen in your life, because the universe begins to flow through you. It will put you exactly where you need to be, and you will meet the people you are supposed to. The universe always flows in the path of least resistance, you can see evidence of this in nature, animals, outer space, and everything. I hope this album can inspire you to follow your dreams. The hardest part about following your dreams is staying optimistic through the failures. If your intentions are pure though all you need to do is remember why you are doing this. Follow your why, persistence is key.

H: Your last project, “Lucid Retreat”, dropped about a year ago. You say it was an escape from the everyday world. Was that inspired by quarantine?

G: It was inspired by lots of things, I had most of “Lucid Retreat” done before quarantine. I just wanted it to be a vacation you could always return to in your dream world.

H: Was connecting with collaborators and fans difficult for you during the pandemic?

G: It actually was easier than ever because we all had time off from touring

H: Now that shows are starting to come back, do you have any shows or festivals your planning on attending as a fan.

G: No plans as of now, I hope to play Red Rocks, the Gorge, and Shambhala though!

H: We caught your set at Okeechobee last year and it was a blast! What are some dream festivals that you would want to perform at?

G; Shambhala, EDC, Ultra Miami mainstage, Bass Canyon, and any event at Red Rocks.

H: You say that your music “inspire world peace”. How can your music bring people together in such a divided time?

G: Music has always brought people together. I see it when I play shows, there are people in the crowd getting along from all different cultures, backgrounds, age groups, ethnicities, genders, etc. It is beautiful and is a glimpse of world peace.

H: Your sets are very special and pretty damn unique, from kickflips to guest appearances, what is one thing you try to achieve with each of your live sets?

G: I just want to create a safe space where people can feel free to be exactly who they are with no judgments. Only love in their hearts.

H: What’s one thing someone wouldn’t know about you if they didn’t ask? Like a hobby or unique interest.

G: Hmmm I am writing sketch comedies for my own TV show coming soon 😉

H: Who are some non-dance music artists you listen to?

G: Vampire Weekend, JGRXXN, IC3PEAK, Cake, P.O.D

H: Which underground bass producers do you think your fans should have their eyes/ears on? Feel free to name as many as you’d like!

G: To name a few: finneh, jeffufu, ran2ccio, towers, hideaway, cavemen, cannabliss, ION, Reeves, sleek.

H: Last one, we asked this to ZíA too. We know you both are huge fans of Tim Robinson’s Netflix series “I Think You Should Leave”. Now personally, I think it’s the best thing Netflix has ever done and is my go to laugh-out-loud show. What are your top three sketches?

G: I love the fully loaded nachos scene with mostly just chips like mostly just chipssss. I also love the Bozo the clown one. And hmmm it’s hard to say but the third favorite is probably THE BONES ARE THEIR MONEYYY and so are THE WORMSS <3 lmao

H: Those are some of our favorites too, you love to see it! Well, thanks so much for chatting with us, and congrats on your new album!

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