With the year coming to an end, it’s no surprise that VEIL has become a household name in bass music. Over the last year, she has released three times on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label. She’s already toured and hit major cities across the country, while also teaming up with star-in-the-making NotLö for multiple shows and b2b sets. She’s also well known for her label, Street Ritual, which shines the light on the underground bass world and showcases some true gems.

Today, VEIL links with rising legend and HIHF-favorite MYTHM for an absolute bomb of a track, “DECEPTION”, out now on Street Ritual. Fans of 140 will rejoice as the two producers take you down the rabbit hole of deep dubstep. It’s one that shakes you to the core and leaves you wanting more.

VEIL and MYTHM begin the track with a dreary entrance into the dark. In a short time frame, the energy skyrockets far and wide, and the producers begin to unleash an insane array of sounds. As it progresses, the fire scorches on stronger and hotter. The explosive range of VEIL, combined with the hefty and deep basslines of MYTHM, truly is a sound to behold. VEIL and MYTHM show no boundaries as to how far they will go in terms of impressing their quickly growing fanbases!

We had the exclusive opportunity to chat with VEIL for a HIHF interview about what she has been up to, her success in 2021, Street Ritual, and loads more! Check out what she had to say below and a huge shoutout to VEIL and her team for helping coordinate this piece. Enjoy!

HIHF: You had a huge 2021 already, and it’s not even over yet. What highlight stands out to you from this year?

2021 has been one of the best and hardest years of my life to date. Getting to bring my music to so many corners of the country has been a dream that I wasn’t even able to fathom fully. Some highlights for me have been Hulaween, Grizmas, touring with my bestie NotLö and selling out a week straight of shows in the midwest with Champagne Drip! From an industry perspective, it was really rewarding to watch our community bounce back after such a tough 2020.

HIHF: What got you into bass music? What are your earliest memories of music in general?

Music has always been a thing for me. Back in high school and college I was always in charge of the AUX cord and making playlists for our parties and long car rides. I discovered Tipper when I was, ironically, at The Gorge seeing Phish. That moment changed my life, and I knew my direction forward was pursuing this sound and bringing it to more people.

The Beginnings

HIHF: Before you were VEIL, you were known as spacegeishA. You cite your former alias as your inspiration. Can you elaborate on that? 

Of course, spacegeishA is VEIL’s biggest inspiration! The spacegeishA project was like a rainbow of sounds, colors, vibes, and feelings. It encompassed a variety of styles throughout times when I was still discovering myself as a person, and myself as a musician. I knew I wanted the VEIL project to take all the best from the spacegeishA realm, and tighten it up a bit from a sonic and visual perspective. People grow up and evolve, and there has to be room for that in their art.

HIHF: You run a prominent underground label, Street Ritual, which has been around for fifteen years. It’s been home to tracks from Detox Unit, Hullabalo0, Omnist, ATYYA, and more. What has been the most rewarding thing about running a label like Street Ritual?

The main goal behind Street Ritual has always been the same – spread this sound of music as far and wide into the mainstream as we can. I strongly feel we have something so special in our niche world of dubstep, drum & bass, leftfield, psybass, IDM, and more. It’s so much more than just slapping people with mediocre sound. We’ve always looked for *the best* sound to fit our label, not exactly the *biggest name* or *most hyped* producer out there at the time. Over time, I think that’s gained us a lot of respect – as we truly are here to showcase the music despite the politics behind it.

HIHF: Which release on Street Ritual do you think shaped the label to what it is today?

This is a hard one, as there have been so many over time. I will say, I don’t think the label would be where it is today without the 2014-2016 range of releases from artists such as Duffrey, DRRTYWULVZ, Detox Unit, Hullabalo0, Global Glitch, and a few others. It really launched us into a new realm and defined the path for a lot of our releases after that.

A Big Year In Review

HIHF: Outside of Street Ritual, you are now a part of the Wakaan family, with three EP releases over the past year on the label. How does it feel to have the support from the Wakaan team and the likes of Liquid Stranger?

Having support from WAKAAN and Liquid Stranger has been incredibly special. I’ve always been an advocate for collaboration, and the VEIL project is no different. In my eyes– the more audiences we can get ourselves in front of the better. Fun fact – I used to book Liquid Stranger at my Burning Man stage in 2012! I’d do anything to dig up that email of him asking me to play my stage. I think it came full circle, Martin recognizing my many years of hustle and being able to provide a platform for me to continue to excel on.

HIHF: You have created a strong friendship with NotLö this year, a producer whose career has also been explosive as of late, and rightfully so. How has your friendship evolved this year as you two continue to play b2b shows and travel together? How proud are you of her success?

NotLö has quickly become one of my best friends. There is a certain bond that forms when you are experiencing something so special and at times so difficult with someone. A lot of the time, she is the only person who will understand my point of view or frustrations because she’s living in a similar boat as me right now. I will value her friendship for the rest of my life and hope/pray we will have many more years of touring together. Once the b2b tour ended, it was hard to be on the road without her! I also am one of her top fans, no joke. The girl can make a BEAT.

HIHF: We’re seeing a shift in bass music where women are finally getting (some, not enough) recognition and attention they deserve. You are one of the women at the forefront of this shift. What do you hope for as we continue to see more inclusion in the scene? Any thoughts on why we are seeing more inclusion in bass and dubstep music compared to other sub-genres?

I’m ecstatic we are seeing a shift and I am proud to call so many women taking names in the industry right now my friends. Honestly, over one hundred times this summer I was told by a woman how much I inspired them to start mixing or producing. I think it’s important to remember there is no “right time”. I didn’t start DJing until I was 24/25 and didn’t start producing until I was 30! I don’t think the work will ever end to balance out the ratios of shes/gays/theys vs. cis male, but the first step of RECOZNIGING it has happened which should continue to bring on the next steps of BREAKING the mold more and more.

HIHF: What’s next for the VEIL project? Any big plans or collaborations for 2022? Any goals you hope to accomplish as your career continues to skyrocket?

In 2022 we will see a lot of exciting things from the VEIL realm. I’m literally JUST getting started in my production life and has soooo much I want to say musically that I’m still figuring out how to say, and I think this year that conversation will evolve. I’m continuing to dial in my Audio/Visual experience with my artist 5/9, and that’s something we’re going to perform at some very special shows next year. Also, lots and lots of new music is on the horizon. I have so many collabs started it’s hard to keep track, plus another solo EP in the works. I also have a goal to continue to practice DJing regularly, as it’s so easy to stay in my comfort zone with that and not push myself with new tricks, etc. But yea, 2022! Stoked on all the new music, big audiences that await, and of course just grateful for another year to be alive and living my dreams.

Thanks again to VEIL for chatting with us! Be sure to check out Deception w/ MYTHM below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on our socials!

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