Dutch phenom IMANU has teamed up with South African rising star Jon Casey to bring fans “Kotaro”, out now on RL Grime‘s label, Sable Valley.

IMANU is a mastermind that continues to bring something different and fresh to the table with each and every release. Whether it’s drum ‘n’ bass, house, trap, or future bass, this talented producer always adds his own flavor to each sub-genre that he touches. He has landed releases on some of the biggest labels such as UKF, Deadbeats, SLANDER‘s Heaven Sent, and even Noisia‘s VISION Recordings. With an unlimited range of sounds and styles, IMANU has a massive future ahead of him. Be on the lookout for this rising star name in 2022.

Jon Casey is an act that has continuously caught the attention of listeners everywhere. The South African producer has focused on putting out projects of quality and holism that are sometimes hard to come by these days. His intense trap beats combined with cutting-edge sound design have helped secure placements on labels such as Quality Good Records, Jadū Dala, Buygore, and Slow Roast Records. He even has a side project with underground bass star Chee, who will be making their US debut as It Hz at this year’s The Untz Festival.

“Kotaro” combines these two forward-thinking producers’ styles seamlessly, creating a boundary-pushing drum and bass heater that’s sure to light up any dance floor. With engaging triplets, piercing bass lines, and jungle elements sprinkled throughout, this is seriously an exceptional work of art that should not be overlooked. Fans of RL Grime’s annual Halloween mix series might recognize this bomb of an ID that comes in right around the 30-minute mark. As Sable Valley’s slogan states, “The Time For A Solution Is Now!” Well, I think we may have just found ourselves one in “Kotaro.”

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