ell!psis is an up-and-coming producer who is coming through clean today with an absolute bop titled “Purge.” Pretty new on the scene, he just released his debut EP, archon, last October, and has caught the attention of names like Baauer, Tsuruda, Great Dane, Jon Casey, and many other exciting producers. He even opened up for Toadface, Abelation, and Vibe Emissions this past March in Chicago.

On “Purge,”  the young artist is bringing out all the stops, as ell!psis steps into a different lane on this release. Front and center are his distorted trap beats that are sure to steal the heart of the listener. It’s a chaotic yet still beautiful assault on the senses and runs the border between the EDM trap and experimental bass sub-genres. Featuring sultry breakdowns that quickly fluctuates back to filthy-face-melting beats, this one is a must-add to your playlist.

Here’s what ell!psis had to say about his newest work.

“‘Purge’ came together as one of my first ideas after completing archon. I felt like I really began to hone a style of my own that I’ve still really enjoyed from a creative lens. I tend to camp out in my head a lot, and that definitely translates to my music being kind of busy or chaotic. This came together as an exercise in striking the balance between intricacy and simplicity, and I made the most of my sound design sessions by allowing the track to remain largely sparse, allowing the leads to be a focal point of their own. It’s also my latest and proudest attempt to date at blending atonal noise into a fully ‘musical’ and memorable idea, something I definitely want to continue moving forward.” – ell!psis

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