Ahead of his forthcoming debut album, TVBOO proves that there is certainly something in the water in the world of freeform bass, as the Mississippi native hooks fans with a wonky yet high-energy collaboration with funk bass legend, GRiZ, titled “Bass Music”.

Positioned as the lead single off of his highly-anticipated debut LP, Blue Collar Bass: By the People, For the People, the two sound design experts effortlessly intertwine their distinctive tones in “Bass Music”, merging TVBOO’s signature vocal samples and unique bass control with GRiZ‘s bouncy, funk-fueled undertones.

This track has quickly become a highly requested fan favorite ever since GRiZ first previewed the collaboration at his renowned “GRiZ Presents” event, Space Camp, in late 2021. TVBOO even stated on his podcast that he doesn’t play this track out anymore in his performances because it’s so hyped up and he wanted to save some hype for the actual release date, which is finally here!

Beginning with an effervescent introduction led by high-end melodic synth tones, the duo carefully uplifts listeners into a state of bliss before crescendoing into TVBOO’s iconic vocals. The drop deeply submerges into liquid bass heaven, showcasing that wonky sound we love so much, while GRiZ and TVBOO cleverly exchange ad-libs that facilitate room for mind-boggling beat breaks. Another airy, atmospheric interlude that spotlights GRiZ’s notorious synth control cascades fans back into a world of wet bass that TVBOO has mastered time and time again. The boundary-pushing collaboration that is “Bass Music” acts as the ideal bait for TVBOO’s debut LP, Blue Collar Bass: By the People, For the Peoplewhich is set to be released through Liquid Stranger‘s WAKAAN Records in the coming months.

Working with WAKAAN is certainly familiar territory for TVBOO, after freshly hopping off of Liquid Stranger’s insane Balance Tour earlier in the year, joining tons of other acclaimed bass acts as support, like Mersiv, MIZE, Smoakland, Redrum, VEIL and Canabliss. This is GRiZ’s first appearance on the WAKAAN label, and we are honestly hoping for a second one as soon as possible.

TVBOO continues to keep it in the family for his first official headline tour, WAKAAN Presents: Blue Collar Bass Tourannouncing that he will be joined on the road by experimental bass phenomenons, Ahee and ToadfaceTheir tour routing spans all corners of the U.S. and includes numerous large-scale festivals, such as Bass Canyon, WAKAAN Music Festival, and Freaky Deaky. The tour announcement has already received tremendous positive feedback from TVBOO’s network of loyal listeners that he has garnered both through his music and his hilarious podcast, TVLKS with TVBOO. In this must-see podcast series, TVBOO amusingly interviews artists and music industry professionals. He recently took to social media to promote his recent TVLKS episode with GRiZ, where they discuss this brand new collab.

Here is what TVBOO had to say about the new GRiZ collab:

GRiZ has literally been my favorite artist since I got into dance music. I asked him to come on my podcast and he said he’d do it only if we made a track together. Of course, I played it cool and said “I guess we can do that,” but on the inside, I was screaming like a convict who just got out of prison in time to see the new Elvis Presley movie after NFL Sunday football. This is one of the coolest things to happen to me and the song came out incredible. Praise Dale.” – TVBOO

Listen to TVBOO and GRiZ’s “Bass Music” below, and let us know in the comments where you plan to hear it live on the Blue Collar Bass Tour!

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